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PI/XI: PI 7.3 – accessing PI with NWDS – teaser

As some of you might remember from the Teched 09, SAP promised that in the near future SAP NWDS will be used as as tool for creating and maintaining SAP PI objects. It seems it has become a reality with SAP PI 7.3 at least for some objects. Please have a look at the early screens on how this works.

After opening NWDS you need to select the correct perspective.  

Then you can log on to the ESR.

and this is the main view you can after opening.

As I mentioned before this tool does not replace the old ESR yet as there are still many objects missing. As of SP0 for 7.3 you can only create/change Data Types and Service Interfaces.

I need to admit that managing the changes it pretty easy and let me show you a few screenshots from it too:

a) maintaining a Data Type

b) maintaining a Service Interface

c) changing the properties of a Service Interface

d) adding new operations for a Service Interface

As you can see this is just a beginning but as SAP Product Management team says in the future we should have all functions from the old ESR moved to the new NWDS based user interface. 


The screenshots were taken from SAP PI 7.3 SP0 release so it might be a subject to change – Please keep that in mind.

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  • Does this mean suppose they’re gonna move just the ESR tools, so that you can use it seamlessly with a PI or CE system? Or do they also plan to move Integration Directory to NWDS?


    • Hi Henrique,

      both ESR and ID will be available in NWDS
      as far as I saw on the slides but it’s not moving
      it’s just that NDWS will also have access to ID configuration – so you can either do it from one tool or from the other one 🙂

      the impression is that the new NDWS will be an additional one at least for some time now and not a complete replacement

      Michal Krawczyk

      • Good news.
        But if they move ID, this is the first time they’ll use NWDS to develop a feature that is not in any JEE installation by default, isn’t that so?

        I mean, BPM & BRM may not be licensed but they are included in any CE installation.

        Just wondering what the implications in transport administration would be…


        • Hi,

          >>>I mean, BPM & BRM may not be licensed but they are included in any CE installation.

          as for those two there are two things:

          – PI product management mentioned that they are looking for a way to have CE and PI on one stack

          – as for BPM (which might be the new “ccBPM”) it is still a distant future I guess and BRM is not yet considered to be a part of PI – sure it can be used via WS even now easily but it’s not the thing…

          let’s talk on skype maybe 🙂

          Michal Krawczyk

      • Hi Michal,

        We are no PI 7.3 dual stack and want to start using NWDS for PI development and configuration.

        I suppose NWDS 7.3 will be the one to install, Can see only the ESR Perspective. Is there a perspective for Integration Directory (config) for this version of NWDS ?(7.3 SP08 PAT0005 this is the latest available for download).



  • Hi Prashanth

    With PI 7.31 SP2, an Eclipse tool was introduced to allow us to develop an end-to-end integration scenario. The Eclipse tool can be used instead of the classical Swing tool. Both tools will continue to exist, and can be used interchangeably.

    With the ESR Eclipse tool you can create interfaces and mapping, with iFlow Eclipse tool create objects in the Integration Directory.

    I leave you these useful links from William Li



  • Hello Michal and All,

    I cannot find the view New when I click on right mouse on namespace. Otherwise, I cannot find the Perspective SAP Process Integraion Designer. My NWDS is 7.3 with 32 bits. Could you please give me some advices?

    Below is the screenshot.


    There is no update when I check the update.


    Thank you for your support in advance.

    Many thanks & best regards,