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PI/XI: PI 7.3 – accessing PI (ESR) with the new WEB UI – teaser

As of SAP PI 7.3 there is a new Web based tool for accessing parts of ESR called WEB UI. This tool is not intended to be a tool used by any developer but rather by an architect who is just responsible for checking some of the Service Interfaces.

Basically it give you 3 options only:

a) Searching for Service Interfaces, Data types, etc.

b) Subscribing to changes

c) Managing some parameters

As mentioned before you can do a search for some objects like Service Interfaces for example

Once you open the object you an architect can check the WSDL (or the Service Interface) or XSD of the Data Type. This kind of check does not need to be performed using SAP tools as those can be check or testing using many other third party tools. One of the nice features is that the architect can actually subscribe for change notifications for a particular object.

This way whenever someone will change the object he will get notified.

An architect can also maintain the lifecycle status of the object (for example decide if the Service Interface is ready and finished and approve it)

Once the architect changes the status also the developer will see the same status in the ESR.


The screenshots were taken from SAP PI 7.3 SP0 release so it might be a subject to change – Please keep that in mind. 

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  • Thanks for the post.

    In the blog there is typo error. It should be WEB UI.

    The WEB is the not only help architects but also make the governance job easy. Documenting individual services on separate Web portal is tedious. This WEB UI is same as ES non-technical users can explore services comfortably.


      • Hi Michel,

        Thanks for the great blog.

        I'm testing the above features .I'm struck with below issues .Could you please help me out.

        Search is working fine.

        Subscribe --Not getting email even if i do changes in the subscribed object.Any dependencies for this ?(roles or any prior con figs etc)

        Manage --Can you please bit elaborate on this .I'm not getting where to start and how to do

        • Addition to the above info for Manage option.

          I could able to see only "Object Overview" and "Technical Data" when i open any object ;but not able to see "Custom Metadata " option ?

          FYI :I'm working on PI 7.31 SP4