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CUA will never die

Rumors sometimes contradict with the truth! And the truth is that the central user administration (CUA) functionality that comes with the current SAP NetWeaver platform will stay alive, – also in the future. As long as there are going to be new releases of SAP NetWeaver in the future, the CUA with its current set of functionality will still be included and it will be working as in the past. SAP does not plan to limit the support of CUA in any way. Therefore the CUA will be supported just like SAP NetWeaver, according to the usual support and maintenance cycles. This also means that maintenance will be extended within the usual SAP NetWeaver maintenance.

However, there will NOT be any new functionality added or enhancements programmed for CUA. The new development of CUA has ceased in favor of the SAP Identity Management (IDM) product. This in fact means that SAP recommends to all customers that are currently not yet using CUA, to go for SAP IDM instead, when they want to centrally administer their user information and access control. SAP IDM delivers many advantages over CUA.  In SAP-only environments, it allows management of users across both, SAP Portal and Business Suite applications.  It also allows centralized user management across diverse heterogeneous system landscapes, in addition to the SAP landscape.  Most of all it helps organisations to meet their demands for “best practice” IT Governance, by providing self services, advanced workflows, controls and extensive reporting on access rights to critical IT infrastructure and applications.

The advanced connectivity of SAP Identity Management can be another reason for existing CUA customers to switch. Since August 2010, the consulting force of SAP offers a workshop package for CUA users to evaluate the requirements that are involved when switching to SAP IDM. Contact mailto:Consulting.Germany@SAP.COM for more information.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thank you for clarifying the status of CUA. Customers have been hearing various messages about CUA "going away", so it is helpful and reassuring to learn otherwise. This gives customers who have CUA deployed more time to decide if or when they migrate to SAP IdM, and in these days of tight IT budgets, a little breathing room on this is very helpful.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thank you for disspelling many myths and urban legends!

      Now, to catch up on them out there "in the wild"... 🙂


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      CUA will never die but events have overtaken CUA so much that I think it will die a natural death. I have used CUA for a while now, and I know the inherent headaches and manual efforts require when provisioning ABAP using CUA.
      Other 3rd party IdM tool is relying too much on CUA as a means to provision SAP systems (ABAP), this is good as far as the implementation, but during operation the increasing overhead and costs associated with CUA will erode the benefits of end to end automation - CUA does not provide assurance and complete oversight to the leading provisioning systems that the job is done or actually done correctly.
      The discussion regarding whether CUA will live or die often arise when client is deciding to buy a corporate IdM tool or how do we integrate their current 3rd party IdM tool(decision is already made – cast in stone). In the case of decision to buy an IdM tool it is better to position SAP NetWeaver IdM as a replacement for CUA. It does not means that CUA will not be supported or will be phased out, but at this point, I am showing the client what is the proper definition of Provision in year 2010  vis-à-vis client’s requirement , the definition of provisioning will fall short due to some of the short comings mentioned above if you include CUA in the integration, so a third party IdM relying on CUA to provision SAP is not effective.
      In the case where your client  are not sure of how to integrate their current 3rd party IdM tool to provision SAP landscape, I will position SAP NetWeaver IdM, it is a cleaner solution, less overhead, and whatever the role or context based logic programmed in the selected 3rd party tool, these could be modeled in SAP NetWeaver IdM. The intelligence build into SAP NetWeaver IdM will always enforce corporate policies guaranteed.
      Whenever this topic arises, please be conscious of the end solutions – is your client making a decision to buy a corporate IdM in this SAP NetWeaver IdM will do, but when a decision is about how do we integrate a 3rd party tool into SAP landscape, the cheapest , effective and efficient way is to use SAP NW IdM as the integration point between SAP systems and the 3rd party tool instead of CUA.
      Author's profile photo Martin Mueller
      Martin Mueller
      Hi Kristian,

      I just had the chance to read your new weblog concerning this subject.
      SAP NetWeaver ID Mgmt is strategic - CUA is out


      Warm regards,