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TechEd Berlin 2010 Tuesday (The Spork Chronicles)

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Here’s my notes, comments, photos, tweets, videos, and a bunch of rambling comments on the first full official day of SAP TechEd EMEA Berlin 2010.

Last night, on the way out of the conference center (Messe Sud), I saw Dieter Krieger, Gunther Schmalzhof and someone else.

When I got to the second hotel in Berlin, there was a room foul up, a network foul up, I got no breakfast and no coffee (my own fault, later remedied in the Global Communications Center). Oh, and I forgot to charge the MP3 player.

I made the S3 train, barely, no numbers on the side.  The signs inside said which stop we were in, not till we were moving did “S3 Spandau” appear.  Think I got travel to the convention center right the second, er, third time.

See photos 1 and 2 below.

Session 11:00

This was:

ALM276 *    How to Find Waste in Custom Code   (Reserved)

I was almost late, as the room was changed since I downloaded my agenda last week.  The idea seemed to be a custom program to find custom code, by sifting through code to find similarities.

There are (per the presenters) 3 types of custom code, sort of the good, the bad and the ugly.

  1. added value
  2. unused custom code
  3. necessary non-value add

The goal of the program suite is to

  • optimize
  • eliminate
  • replace

“We can reduced it [sic]. Today”

Custom code compared to modification (? not just Z)

Years ago the advice was to clone SAP code + make changes. “Ha ha – not anymore.” their words, not mine.

While in the class, I got a tweet from Sergio Ferrari  (@SergioFerrari)


So, this open source code seems to be the genesis for the “Patent Pending” SAP code, which is invisible to a casual viewer.

Reference: Simple ABAP Clone Hunter

Google Code:

The specified item was not found.

Added by Ivan Femia , last edited by Ivan Femia on Aug 20, 2010
clone, hunter, abap, upgrade EDIT

Sergio Ferrari, colleague of mine and SAP mentor, suggested to me to have a look to the function module ‘RS_COMPARE_WORDS_SIMILAR’;it is

Back to class…

  • Copies of “future” code will have enhancement spots commented out.
  • Deactivates the hooks.
  • Never copy anything after 6.0
  • Make modifications only.

Error message:

  • ED800 the source is protected. see explanation in long text. diagnosis: The desired source is protected by SAP because changing it could cause system errors.

“Hope enhancement spots is the last iteration of modification finders (LOL)” – their quote, not mine.

See Photo 3

This seems a useful tool for the designated task.  Speed and efficiency are yet to be discovered, not to mention availability.

Session 12:30

Julius Bussche – Security Hacker Lunch  Standing room only.

See Photo 4

Session 1:00

EXP333    SAP CI and Sentilla – Bringing Sustainability to the Data Center

  • SLD Bridge
  • Business Objects
  • Carbon Impact on Demand
  • COIL in Palto Alto
  • Consumption / Cost / Peak Demand
  • Axel Saleck
  • Joe Polastre
  • Vcenter telemetry
  • BI for data center

Wikipedia DC – Tampa Florida (photo)

See Photos 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Photo 9 is the most interesting to me, showing a Wikipedia data center energy use chart.

I saw Doug Hay, of Evenful Management, and we chatted about Australia a bit.

Break – Blogger area

Oliver Kohl / Darren Hague – video, see below.

chef – open source code

domain specific language


#SAPTechEd Innovation Weekend in #Berlin verpasst? Hier eine gute Zusammenfassung von @jspath55 #innowe10

(Am I in trouble?)

Session – 4:00 PM
MS visual studio
MS silverlight

That’s about all I can say about that.  I left early (and it started late) to get to my next session.

Break – Blogger area

iPad has no USB – copy only via wireless / ethernet?

Photo 10 and 11 – Mentors chatting with Vishal

Around then, I did an SAP Mentor elevator speech, but at mens’ room sink when someone asked me what the shirt was for.  I think my 30 seconds came out OK.

Linda Bartolus talked about water jug sanitary concerns in Europe, where apparently, despite high environmental awareness, the use of drinking water in bulk is frowned on.  I guess the office water cooler hasn’t caught on here.

Session – 4:45 PM

Gunther / Dieter
Adaptive Computing controller morphing to: Landscape Management Software”

Thursday 9:30 – Virtual Reality session

Session – 6:00 PM

The SCNotties.  Blogged about them here, though there are videos below.


original agenda plan

Session Description Time
EVENT1 Keynote Featuring Vishal Sikka, Member of the SAP Executive Board Leading Technology and Innovation 9:00 AM
ALM105 * Why Sustainability is IT’s Next Big Thing 11:00 AM
ALM276 * How to Find Waste in Custom Code   (Reserved)
EXP341 * Security Hacker Lunch 12:30 PM
EXP333 SAP CI and Sentilla – Bringing Sustainability to the Data Center 1:00 PM
EXP181 * SAP Custom Code Management 2:00 PM
EXP187 * Meet the experts of the Green IT Community 2:00 PM
ALM209 * Modern Network Technologies for SAP Applications 2:15 PM
EXP296 * System Landscape Governance: Discuss about measurements to reduce system landscape complexity. 2:30 PM
EXP324 * Management of a complex SAP landscape on vSphere 2:30 PM
   – blogging –
Cloud Strategy 4:00 PM
ALM208 Adaptive Computing Virtualization; Overview, Landscape Considerations, Use Cases, and Ramp-Up Experience 4:45 PM
EXP541 SAP Community Video Awards 6:00 PM
EVENT2   Demo Jam 7:00 PM


Missed these (need to look for replays, and/or view slides):

  • ALM105
  • ALM209
  • EXP324

Also stopped at our database and hardware partner booths.  Might want to co-present with hardware partner at ASUG 2010.  The timing and location did not work for this TechEd.



one – Tom Raftery


two – Tom Raftery, Nigel James



three Clone Hunter



four Julius Bussche



five Timo Stelzer, Gali Kling-Schneider, Marilyn Pratt



six – Marilyn Pratt, me, Timo Stelzer



seven – Joe Polastre (Sentilla)



eight – Timo Stelzer, Joe Polastre



nine – view of Wikipedia data center power use



ten SAP Mentors Stage Right



eleven SAP Mentors Stage Left



twelve Gunther Schmalzhof






3 [Innovation Weekend session rehearsal] 0:35

4 [Darren Hague + Olive Kohl Take 1] 1:18

5 [Darren Hague + Olive Kohl Take 2 + Linda Bartolus] 1:00

6 [The 2010 Scnotties Audience Pan] 0:26

7 Marilyn’s video of me

Business cards

  • Alexis Naibo – Innovation Labs Director (SAP Business Objects, France)
  • Stefano Mondo, Ferrero (code class)
  • Oliver Merkert (Promos Consult)
  • Timo Stelzer, SAP VP, Green IT
  • Joe Polaster, PhD, CTO, Sentilla
  • Thomas Fingerhuth, IBM Germany

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