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Innovation Weekend Business Case

SO – I decided.  National-Regional coordination called to me.   It made me think of my own company or any company for that matter.   We have a national organization and different areas.  How do we get our goals from the national level to the regional level?  Then I thought about my department – information services.  How does it get it’s goals down to a regional level?  How does it get the goals down to my level.  My head started to spin.   Yes, slowly rotating round and round.  I think it was going to the right.  It could have been the left.  I have issues thinking in the abstract.

Then I got in touch with other members of SCN.  They have interest in the business case as well.  They wanted to take it from the abstract to a level where we could start talking specifics.   We moved into thinking about ASUG.  In particular the SIGs.  How does ASUG set up goals?  How do each of the SIGs meet the goals at a volunteer level?  What is a SIG by the way?  (I didn’t know.  I found out it was Special Interest Group)

Yes – now we are getting somewhere a business case that isn’t abstract.  I’m all about that.  It’s something where I can think “as-is”, “to-be”, and start development on a prototype.  There would even be data.  It made sense to me to use an example.   Then maybe we could expand the example by the end of the weekend / or someone else would bring an example with data.   At that point any organization could use what we come up with.

The idea:

  • How does ASUG track each SIG?
  • How does each SIG set up a volunteer goal?
  • How does it track the goal?
  • How to pull and display this data?

There is more involved…  A lot more.  

Do you have to know about ASUG?  I really don’t.  I’ve used it a couple of times.  We just need an example with subject matter experts.  ASUG is something that some of SCN members have been involved with.  We have at least one subject matter expert – Gretchen Lindquist is going to be involved.   So we have someone to ask questions.

I’ll be trying to pull some of the data from ASUG yet this week.  So we will have data.

h4. My challenge now is to get some of you as interested in this business case as I am.   So start thinking about it…   It will be fun.   I’ll buy you a pony. 

(OK – maybe the last sentence is a slight exaggeration…  Or an outright lie to get you interested.)

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