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Developing an android client for a business application – part 3


 After discussing the design(Developing an android client for a business application – part 1) and communication details (Developing an android client for a business application – part 2),there’s an overview of the Android app.It’s not supposed to be a full tutorial on android development.I’ll try to focus on the techniques required by this kind of app on Androi.

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      Former Member
      I like that we can connect Android to SAP, it's great to see blogs on the subject (I'm an avid Android fan myself).  My question remains though, what's the business use case for Android + SAP that is driving this technical work?

      I would like to see more business use cases for mobile, and even moreso for tablets as I see tablets becoming more useful to enterprises than mobiles are (thinking of people walking the floors of manufacturing plants, inventory clerks, nurses etc).  If we had a list of use cases from real business people then we could plan our research around these areas.

      Still though, to leave on a high note, blogs like this are definitely great so that when we get our use cases we have some existing material to kick start us on developing the real applications.

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      Marcello Urbani
      Blog Post Author
      As I said in the first part of this series, this app was born more from my technical curiosity about my new phone than from a requirement.
      But I did have a real business case.
      My company develops a change management software, and this app is just another interface for it.Several customers requested the ability of approving or rejecting changes while traveling, and this app is (or will be when finished) our answer.And we plan to actually distribute it to customers in the near future.
      There's a catch however: most customers use Blackberry phones, so we will probably port it even before it's finished.
      I understand some mobile sales/inventory/controlling application would be a stronger one, but that's not our business.
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      Marcello Urbani
      Blog Post Author
      I forgot a couple of things:
      1) I'm a bit skeptical about use of tablets in the enterprise: I think dedicated hardware has an edge for working in plant environments.Would have to try, but I don't think ipad style touchscreen and gestures mix well with oily hands and scrap metal. Could work fine for nurses or shop clerks, but looks a tiny niche to me where you need mobility and the environment is sane enough.

      2)I used "business application" in the title because most other blogs I've seen about Android on SAP was more like technical demos (or pure web apps for the note browser).This is definitely a real application, even if its audience islimited to people involved with the technical administration of a SAP landscape.