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The Spork In Germany (All Aboard The Clue Train)

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Woke up in Heidelberg, got breakfast, packed and headed for the train station, on the way to the Clue Train to Berlin for SAP TechEd 2010, and Innovaton Weekend.


What follows are a lot of images, and several videos, from the day of the Clue Train ride.  I missed capturing Andy Singleton, CEO of Assembla on video.  Maybe Sunday…


I asked my co-innovators why why they were going to TechEd, and Innovation Weekend.   What follows are unedited comments (though there were a couple throwaway takes that I, well, threw away).





Hotel Anlage breakfast; I don’t know what Nutella is yet, and Philadelphia cream cheese in this part of the world seems anachronistic.





Database server, super batch server with internal tables?



Is this why it is called the mothership?


Here are a few quotes from Clue Train riders:


  • Abesh – “… discovered Germany has windmills”
  • Rui – likes “Jive subversion,” including expert view, release management, issues management
  • Craig = “Clue train 2010 proves it is the core community that makes things happen; community doesn’t ‘just’ happen.”
  • Andy – had an “SCN colleages flashback moment (and Frankfurt is a good place for a layover)”
  • Fred – “met new people” 
  • Tilman – “best ride e-vah!”


Clue Train Photos


image 1 – pre-train supply chain replenishment stock location


image two -all aboard; wait the train is late, and on another platform?


image three – Linzer Torte, from Germany’s Black Forest (and a spork)



image four – Rui Nogueira and Craig Cmehil, with an SAP TechEd reusable water bottle




image five – Traveling Companions (see: “Best Trip Evah“)



image six – Fred, Andy, Rui



image seven – Mark Finnern and Craig Cmehil wax nostalgic




Clue Train Videos



1. Linzer Torte




2. Fred Verheul




3. Abesh





4. Gregor (needs a flip HD)





5. Craig





6.  Rui






7. Finnern






8. Me 





“Team” dinner with Fred and Gregor.  Fluid level check for me.

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