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Change Request Management: Reporting

Change Request Management: Reporting


The idea of this blog is to show how to check that the reporting tool for Change Request Management is configured and working correctly in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.


You can access the charm reporting tool via:

– Transaction dswp (solution-specific reporting)

– Transaction solar_eval (cross-solution reporting)

– Transaction /tmwflow/reportingn (cross-solution reporting) –>new charm reporting tool since SP17, don´t use the old reporting tool /tmwflow/reporting (see note 1467227)


Step 1. Get systems, projects that you are looking for reporting information

Check the following per each satellite system SID:

– RFC connection SID SM_SIDCLNT000_READ, find the user SOLMANSIDXXX used for this RFC connection and ensure that this user in SID:000 has this authorizations (note 881553):

“An important prerequisite for reporting is the authorization of the user that is entered for the READ RFC connection to client 000 of the relevant component system (see transaction SMSY). This user for client 000 requires the authorization values ACTVT = 03 and TTYPE = <*> (full authorization) for the authorization object S_TRANSPRT. Check the authorizations. The system does not display any data for transport requests if the  corresponding user does not have the authorization described above.”


Step 2. Look for job SM:TMWFLOW_CMSSYSCOL running in solman system, the schedule is indicated in the spro point below:


The job SM:TMWFLOW_CMSSYSCOL collects tracking data asynchronously from systems.


Start time: Immediate start

Repetition period: Hourly

The current logic is, for open transport requests, we need to update them everytime the job is running, because there might be changes since our last update. However for released request, we will only update those requests which were newly released. Then those data is fixed in both managed system and solman system.


Step 3. Decide if you want solman get also object information or not from the managed system.

In case you want to get this object information of the transport request, then select “Object Reporting Active” radio button in se38: /TMWFLOW/CONFIG_SERVICES

o in transaction /TMWFLOW/CONFIG_LOCK too.

See note 1582386 ChaRM reporting data collector jobs performance improvement for details.


Step 4. See that the data from this satellite systems (tables E070, E071*) has arrived to tables /TMWFLOW/REP71* and /TMWFLOW/REPE7* in solman system (se16).

Look in /tmwflow/proj for transport orders assigned to this project to check if these tables has information above these transport orders.

If these tables show: “0 Entries”, data from this satellite system has not arrived to solman system.

In this case run report /TMWFLOW/REP_DATA_READ to build the reporting data for a specific project, with start date empty, this will use the project creation date.


Tips and tricks when running /tmwflow/reportingn:
1. To make sure all CRM documents can be successfully addressed, increase the number in field “Maximum Number of Hits” to a large enough value like 1.000.000.

2. Enter your Project ID

3.If the output display contains transport requests information, always mark “All” box in “Transport Status” tab, otherwise the search over those requests won’t be a complete one

4. When some managed system data is missing in ChaRM reporting result, try to run report /TMWFLOW/REP_DATA_READ manually with the project ID to refresh the entries in background database tables

NOTE: Charm reporting is not showing information for transport requests released in the closed project cycles of a project.



Reporting only will show the “real-time” data of your project. Here “real-time” means ChaRM can only show the information related with the current active project cycle and task list.

See KBA 2120791 – ChaRM reporting does not report old project transports – Solution Manager.



Relevant notes to check:

1166457 ChaRM: New Collecting data method for reporting

1269192  ChaRM: Collecting New Data in Asynch and Synch Mode-in solman and in satellite systems

1618113 ChaRM Reporting: duplicate requests displayed in the result

1466131  ChaRM Reporting: Performance of data update

1412234  ChaRM Reporting: incorrect transport request’s information

1467227  Incorret Usage of the old ChaRM reporting)

1383249  ChaRM: Delete empty non-ABAP transport request

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2120791 ChaRM reporting does not report old project transports – Solution Manager

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      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan
      indeed helpful!!
      Author's profile photo Andreas Mann
      Andreas Mann
      Hi Dolores,

      could you please give me basic help to create an own customer report for CR-management / service desk-management in solman. Where can I find the data model?
      I am abap developer; but I've no experience with CRM and solman.
      I need a report like CRM_DNO_SERVICE_MONITOR but with additional information about CR's and TR's.