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International Focus Group for Integration

The International Focus Group for Integration (IFG for Integration) is an initiative of SAP user groups around the globe in the area of SAP integration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration.


Our mission

The mission of the IFG for Integration is to establish the collaboration between the various SAP user groups in the area of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, SAP Process Integration, SAP Process Orchestration and SAP integration. In addition to the collaboration, exchange of experiences and knowledge our goals are to combine and strengthen the feedback and influencing towards SAP and to work on joint best practices. Target of our group is to support the various PI focus groups as part of their national user groups (but not to replace them in any way).

Our members

User Group Country Logo SIG Contact Website
DSAG Germany DSAG Logo Application Integration Hermann Steinrötter
ASUG U.S. ASUG Logo Integration Technologies and E-Business Andrea Pennington,
Melissa Andrews Belgium Logo
VNSG Netherlands Process Integration Bernd Pfeiffer
SAP4dk Denmark SAP4dk Logo
SAPSA Sweden SAPSA Logo Pontus Borgström
SBN Norge Norway SBN Norge Eva-Maria Fahrer
JSUG Japan JUSG Logo Technology Atsushi Hasegawa
SAUG Australia SAUG Logo Technology Sascha Wenninger
UK & Ireland SUG UK & Ireland UK Ireland SUG Logo
African SAP User Group Africa SAUG Logo NetWeaver Corlia Van Zyl
Russian PI User Group Russia Iliya Kuznetsov
Utilisateurs SAP Francophones (USF) France USFlogo_new.png Marc Yardin
SAP Mentors global Michal Krawczyk,
Daniel Graversen,
Agasthuri Doss


At the last face-to-face group meeting 2017 in Berlin Hermann Steinrötter was reelected as chair of the group.



  • May: Start of integration survey 2020 (see section SAP Influencing)
  • November: Publication of survey results 2020


  • February/March: Finalization of question catalog for integration survey 2019
  • May: Start of integration survey 2019 (see section SAP Influencing)
  • October: Publication of survey results 2019


  • February/March: Finalization of question catalog for integration survey 2018
  • May: Start of integration survey 2018 (see section SAP Influencing)
  • October: IFG Integration Days in Stockholm
  • November/December: Publication of survey results 2018


  • March/April: Finalization of integration survey 2017
  • May: Start of integration survey 2017 (see section SAP Influencing)
  • September: End of survey with 511 participants
  • November: Publication of PI survey 2017 results (see section SAP Influencing)


  • February: Finalization of PI survey 2016
  • March: Webinar SAP AIF 3.0
  • April: Start of integration survey 2016
  • September/October: Publication of PI survey 2016 results (see section SAP Influencing)
  • December: Annual group meeting in Berlin


  • January: Publication of PI survey results (see section SAP Influencing)
  • May: Start of PI survey 2015 (see section SAP Influencing)
  • September: Annual face-to-face group meeting (Hamburg)
  • October: Publication of PI survey 2015 results (see section SAP Influencing)
  • October: Start of new SAP Customer Connection Program for SAP Process Orchestration (see section SAP Influencing)


  • January: Follow-up survey on monitoring, see details in next section
  • January: Webinar SAP NetWeaver PI Roadmap
  • January/February: Finalization of questions for PI survey 2014.
  • February: Webinar Trading Partner Management (SAP B2B Add-On)
  • March: SAP Mentor Agasthuri Doss joins IFG for PI
  • September: Annual face-to-face group meeting (Paris), change of group name to IFG for Integration


  • January/February: Finalization of questions for PI survey 2013.
  • February: Maintenance and subscription of collected PI requirements by users at SAP Customer Connection Program.
  • March: Release of new document version 3.5 of PI naming conventions (see working papers below), completion of subscription period of SAP Customer Connection Program.
  • May: Official start of PI survey 2013, see Global Survey for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 2013
  • August: Completion of PI survey
  • October: Annual face-to-face group meeting (Stockholm), release of PI survey results, see links below


  • February/March: Completion and review of PI requirements gathering
  • April: Online survey for prioritization of collected requirements, see Online Survey – PI Requirements Prioritization
  • May: Start global NetWeaver PI Survey 2012, see Global Survey for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 2012
  • July: Completion of online survey for prioritization of collected requirements, forwarding of results to SAP
  • October: Annual face-to-face group meeting (Stockholm), release of PI survey results & requirement prioritization
  • October: Change of group name from GSIG for PI to IFG for PI


  • January – March: Concept and preparation of new PI survey
  • April: Start of PI survey for 2011
  • April: The Danish user group FSD joins the initiative
  • May: SAP mentors Michal Krawczyk und Daniel Graversen join the group
  • July: End of PI survey for 2011. We received more than 400 responses this year. Many thanks to all contributors and user groups!
  • September: Annual face-to-face group meeting (Brussels), see also Thoughts after the Global Special Interest group for PI (GSIG for PI) after the meeting
  • September/October: Official release of PI survey 2011 results
  • November: Start of PI requirement gathering


  • January: SAPSA and SBN Norge join the initiative
  • March: joins the initiative
  • July/August: Second international survey about SAP Application Integration and PI
  • August/September: JSUG joins the initiative
  • September: Annual onsite meeting in Den Bosch / Netherlands
  • October: SAUG and SUG UK & Ireland join the initiative
  • October: Executive meeting with SAP management (Hervé Couturier, Dirk Kästner, Sindhu Gangadharan) at SAP TechEd Europe
  • October: AFSUG & Russian PI group join the initiative
  • November:The French user group USF joins the initiative


  • February – April: Survey about usage of EDI adapters on XI/PI
  • May: Publication first draft of monitoring best practices
  • May: Publication updated version of PI naming conventions
  • September: Onsite meeting in Walldorf


  • August: Kickoff meeting in Walldorf (ASUG, VNSG, DSAG, SAP)
  • September: First international survey about SAP Application Integration and PI
  • November: Web conference PI naming conventions

SAP Influencing


Working papers

  • Naming Conventions for PI
    Best practice document about naming conventions and integration design for SAP NetWeaver PI (version 3.52 with updates for PI 7.40 released in May 2015)

Further activities

  • Release of a new naming convention document for SAP Cloud Platform Integration in 2018


How to participate and join

The download of the documents and the registration to the web conferences is offered to all members of the participating user groups and can be accessed via their specific portals or by contacting the speakers of the special interest groups listed in the table above.

Meeting Brussels 2011

Group meeting 2011 in Brussels, Belgium

Meeting Stockholm 2012

Group meeting 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden

Meeting Hamburg 2013

Group meeting 2013 in Hamburg, Germany

Meeting Paris 2014

Group meeting 2014 in Paris, France


Group meeting 2015 in Hamburg, Germany


Group meeting 2016 in Berlin, Germany


Other user groups are very welcome join our initiative.

In case of questions or ideas do not hesitate to contact us!

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    • Hello Iliya,

      thanks for your interest, new members are always welcome! I will send my contact data to your e-mail address, so that we can schedule a telephone call for next week or the week after.

      Regards, Holger

      • Hello Holger,

        The Group and the initiatives sounds really exciting. Is it possible for an independent PI consultant to join this user group, attend sessions, view documents and give his views?

        Do let me know the procedure for the same?


        • Hello Yash,

          our international collaboration is on level of the different user groups and their special interest groups. Hans de Labije is currently in contact with Manish Choksi from the Indian SAP user group, so that we do hope that India will join us soon.

          Regards, Holger

          • Hi Vikrant,

            we currently only collaborate on user group level, since our target is to strengthen the collaboration between the various national user groups and to motivate users and consultants to join and actively support their specific national SAP user group. Direct participation of single companies or independent consultants is currently not planned.

            Regards, Holger

  • Hello, I am ASUG member, but not able to get into this. let me know how to proceed? sharing some URL etc is preferred.
    I was told about this group by Mr. Udo Paltzer- from SAP..

    Regards, Krish

      • Hi,
        I am part of following SIGs, let me know do I need to get into any:
        1. Enterprise Architecture  
        2. Enterprise Architecture Communities
        3. Integration Technologies and E-Business
        4. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
        • Hi Krishna,

          usually it's the SIG speakers or co-speakers of the specific user group, who participate in our global user group. Are you currently actively involved in one of the four you mentioned below?

          Regards, Holger

          • Btw, I am not very active in SIG ; and not contributing as a speaker in ASUG. However I do particupate in some of the webinars/discussions. And regular speaker at SAP TechEds.. being a one of the global partners, we do provide product feedback to SAP...

            btw, I am not able to see your email Id in the business card. It is prefer to discuss over there if you are fine.
            Let me know if you have any questions


    • Hi Krishna,

      Carrying on over conversations from TechEd, it will be good to get you in this list - let me follow up on that.

      Hi Holger,

      Great initiative!


      ASUG/ITEB SIG Chair

  • Hello, I am working for Unicredit Group Information Services and we want to install the PI High Availability on AIX lpar's. Have someone experince with this kind of installations?

    Kind regards
    Christian Steiner

    • Hello Mr. Steiner,

      if you are DSAG member, I would recommend to post your question in the discussion forum of the user group Application Integration (

      Regards, H. Himmelmann

  • Hi,

    To whom I should contact if I like to contribute in SAP PI best practices? Recently, I also publish a guide ( in company) on PI naming conventions and best practices. Hope we can make it general.


    • Hi Shabarish,

      today Michael Krawczyk and Daniel Graversen have been introduced to the regular conference call of our group.

      Regards, Holger

        • Hi Shabarish,

          I've agreed with Michal and Daniel that they forward the information from our global group to the other PI SAP mentors. Sorry that we have to restrict the number of participants. We try to limit the representatives of each group to 2 - 3. Otherwise our telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings would be too difficult to manage with this wide audience.

          Regards, Holger

  • Where can we find the working papers? I'm particularly interested in:

    Naming Conventions for PI

    Best practice document about naming conventions and integration design for SAP NetWeaver PI (version 3.5 with updates for PI 7.31 released in March 2013)

    Kind regards,


    • Hello Pascal,

      the naming conventions for PI are available via the user group of which you or your company are official member. Best is to write an e-mail to the relevant contact person as listed in the section "Our members".

      Regards, Holger

    • Hi Anshul,

      so far we haven't been in contact with the SAP user group in New Zealand. But that's indeed a good idea. We will try to get in contact with them and check whether they have a working or focus group which also covers PI/PO.

      Regards, Holger