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h2. Foreword  As  mentioned in part 1  (Developing an android client for a business application – part 1), I won’t be able to present fully functioning code, only some snippet, and I’ll try to focus on the interface between ABAP and Android/Java.Since it’s coming out pretty long, I had to put the Android specific stuff in part 3  (Developing an android client for a business application – part 3) .   h2. Web service  On the SAP side, I wrote a simple web service.This consists in a class implementing interface IF_HTTP_EXTENSION and an ICF entry:ICF nodeThe link between the two is in the details of the web service:Service detail
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    1. Marcello Urbani Post author
      Thanks Pierre
      I did think about JSON for that very reason, but I didn’t know ZJSON.Better, I vaguely remembered something about it but I didn’t even search for it: I wanted to keep my options open for shipping this stuff to my customers, and that means everything has to be in our /BTI/ namespace.
      Good point anyway, I would still advocate JSON for this kind of application if data size is a major concern.XML still looks better for documenting it to a third party though.
      1. Former Member
        Data size is always a concern for a mobile application! 😉 Anyway, XML and JSON have both their own strengths and weaknesses. I hope the new SAP Gateway will allow us to use both. JSON is already used in Sybase Unwired Platform so it may happen…
            1. Marcello Urbani Post author
              To be honest I didn’t know it, but even if I did I wouldn’t bother much: I had (and still have) lots of stuff to learn and wouldn’t feel like adding some for a private API.
              But I’ll try to get a better look when I have time or need to publish services to third parties.

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