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My Last Minute SCNotty – “Eva the BPM Doggie”

Using BPMN to align dog and master

I’m happy to finally get my first SCNotty video posted and submitted.  Due to some technical issues I got it posted a couple of hours past the deadline, but I’m hoping the judges take pity on me and accept it anyways.

In my SCNotty video, I introduce my bearded collie, Eva, who runs dog agility courses.  I trained her to follow BPMN diagrams to know what course she needs to run.


A couple of the BPMN diagrams in the video are a it hard to see, so I’ve uploaded them here as well so you can see the experimental course we were running.  I’m sure that Eva is in fact capable of understanding a more complex flow, but she’s still learning some of her agility moves.

Original run diagram:


Second run diagram after adapting the process to include an exception handler after potential for mishap at the tunnel was discovered:



I figure my video is a good candidate for several categories, should the judges choose to take my suggestions:

1)  Most desperate attempt to get a video in past the deadline
2)  Worst video editing job
3)  Best attempt to connect BPM to anything
4)  Best attempt at exploiting an animal to win an animal

What are your thoughts?

I will be at both Berlin and Las Vegas events.  If you see me and you remember Eva’s video, be sure to ask me for one of Eva’s Enterprise Geek doggie bones for your poor pooch you left at home.


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  • Greg - we understand you're on the business side, and "technical issues" can ruin your day.  It's pretty funny that the clock John Astill is holding shows a couple minutes till 12:00, like the Doomsday clock, as if that could not be special effects.  You're going to need to come up with much better persuasion than throwing a couple dog biscuits around in order for the #SCNotties nominations panel to consider your artistic endeavor.  There's always 2011, right?  You have plenty of time to get that video shot and uploaded.

    (hee hee)

    • Well it is my first SCNotty, and I think I went through three different editing programs trying to find one that gave even semi satisfactory results. And as I said, I'm going for "most desperate attempt to sneak in at the end" as well 🙂
    • Jim, please don't be so hard-line.  🙂
      Every contest we have EVER had in this community to date (that I remember) had some teeny tiny exceptions.
      Please don't go guestifying Greg's submission.
      He can't win anyway but remember if you turn away a newbie, he may not feel incentive to return and try again nor welcomed.  Also, pity poor Eva.
      • Aww, thanks for the support Marilyn.  Regarding Eva, you don't need to worry about her.  She enjoyed every minute of the making of this video with the exception of the video editing, which took too much of my time away from her.  She's currently working her way through some of her personalized doggy bones. 😉
  • This video is funny and smart! Eva really is Wonderdoggy.

    Speaking from my past experience, Jim Spath is probably going to give you a prize for "best Google T-shirt in a dog video" or something significant like that :-).

    You have my vote, not that it counts for anything.

    Have fun at TechEd.