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innovation series 2: Social & Community meets Business – some predictions.. and then we have TechEd…

In my first part I referred back to whether companies have the possible need of an innovation officer.  Innovation series part 1 – Is the chief innovation officer necessary? 

In this second part of this series I will make some predictions on how Social meets Business Applications and discuss possible areas of opportunity.  Since it is TechEd season I still would like to make a plug for Innovation Weekend as well.

Salesforce has been making nice baby steps lately with Salesforce Chatter and I think they are moving in a unique direction; I have not touched the system physically and cannot comment on ease of use; their demo is interesting . I am not sure how much sales folks would really use it to give away their secret account info to others where they really are with the deal; and sometimes even within the company sharing is not always deemed appropriate ( what if a partner manager is working on a same deal and now steals it away from the direct sales organization ?)

So here are some early predictions

* Social Business Applications in the early run will be spanning mostly accross multiple organizations in a value chain; imagine risk management apps with social elements ( ?) or sharing documents with your supplier not via EDI, but via tools like streamworks….

* Social Business Apps will have more innovative rewards systems then exist today to support the usage by its contributors ( move from points to monetary and other type of rewards )

* Social Business Apps will evolve the way people work with each other; this will require a next generation of change management practices for existing businesses

* Social Business Apps and Mobile enablement of them will go closer hand in hand then till date

* Usage of the social graph and analytics of the dynamic networks will become a next generation industry

Big question of course is: Do you all agree or have our own predictions I would love to hear them  

Because I know some of my readers love SAP TechEd and I love seeing and meeting our community members I am willing to make a shameless plug today. In my opinion SAP TechEd is a must attend event especially if you are interested in mobile and the use of analytics

This year’s TechEd events provide also unique and substantial learning opportunities about SAP, Sybase & BusinessObjects solutions, making them must-attend events for any of our customers or partners. The hot topic of the SAP TechEd Day is that Marilyn Pratt, Jason Cao, Kirby Leong and Craig Cmehil are working on the final touches of INNOVATION WEEKEND Innovation Weekend, Combining the BPX, Business Object and SDN community days from the last few TechEd years.

We will have Innovation weekend @TechEd in Berlin (October 10 to 11) and Las Vegas (October 17 to 18) is a 30-hour “experience” like no other where real solutions will be developed in real time. Over the course of the weekend, you and a team will be completely engrossed in an invigorating business case for a non-profit organization that will challenge your collective knowledge, skills, and process expertise. You’ll have the option of choosing a pre-defined business case or developing one of your own. You will gain hands on experience with some of the coolest innovative technologies as you take a solution idea from concept to prototype. Collaborating in teams with BPXers, Business Object experts and Developers, using real technologies in real time ! Best of all your team’s solution could have a positive impact on a non- profit organization that lasts long after the conference ended. Don’t miss your and make the innovation weekend in Berlin and Las Vegas part of your TechEd experience!

Hope to see you all at TechEd in Berlin, Las Vegas or Shanghai this year.  i will be there.. will you be ?

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