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I won’t bore you with a long intro to Innovation weekend.  Basically it is a weekend prior to Teched in Berlin and Las Vegas where we get to meet up and have fun!  While having fun, we get to design a solution for a non-profit organization.   So it is fun with a purpose.

The idea is to break up into around 10 different teams more or less in Berlin and then again in Las Vegas.   Then the all nighter / brain storming / technical / process design / presentation planning begins.  That can and will happen all at the site.

BUT if you are like me, and want to have some ground work done prior to getting there, now is the time to start.   The timeline is SHORT.   The more work we do prior to the event means more time to fine tune the details.

This does not mean that we won’t change our minds.  I’m really good at changing directions.   It just means we will have a nice starting point prior to the event.

There is a WIKI with the different business cases listed.  “We” have started to get the processes defined.   “We” is anyone who stops by the WIKI.  We are starting at a very high level.  So if you want, take some time find a business case you like.  One that calls to you.  Once you do start adding to the WIKI.  (Or if you want to team up then shoot me an e-mail.)  I’ve started a SAP Streamwork project. 

But for those of you that would like to begin to merge brains or ideas it’s a good time to start.

 It will be FUN!  All capital letters.   I hope to see you there.

All the teams will be winners, not just the one’s that are picked by the judges.  We will learn new things.  Meet fun people.  And get some food. 

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    1. Michelle Crapo Post author
      But one day won’t stop you from helping develop the process!   Of course, that’s assumming you want to help.  🙂

      I’m sure we could find something to do that day.


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