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Do you think you are an expert on SAP?

I’m Chairman of Questionmark, and we’ve recently become a partner of SAP. In honor of the occasion, click on for a fun 7-question quiz on SAP and its history.


Do you think you are an expert on SAP? How many questions can you get right?


As with all our assessments, you can take this quiz on PCs, Macs or mobile devices including the Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad as well as Android phones.

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  • I won’t tell which question but I went from thinking “too easy” to actually learning something with these fun facts.
    Thanks for providing this edutainment and looking forward to seeing more about the role of accessment in education.
  • Hey John, loved to go through this, thanks a lot!
    Two small things as feedback:
    I had to look for the submit button a bit, it’s not very intuitive currently on the very bottom right of the screen (am fortunate to have a relatively large screen, so this button is really out there somewhere currently, not easy to spot).
    The result screen looks a little “cheap” of you allow me to say this so directly, compared to some of the other very nice UI elements (like the puzzle like thing). Maybe it coudl directly indicate with colors, which questions I did or did not get and links back to the questions/ with answers, similar to what the navigator does. Also maybe the percentage could be visualized with a nice slider, possibly with a phased color scheme from red through yellow through green, that indicates with an arrow or somehow where you ended up.
  • Thanks for the comments, the quiz is definitely not too easy. So far 272 (anonymous) people have completed the quiz, and only 8 have got all questions right and only 10 have got all but one. The average score is 3/7.
    • So with only one missed question I didn’t do too badly.  It would be great to see where one’s standing is upon completion.  (for all of us high achieving top of the class types)
      It also might be interesting to have some kind of role criteria (as in SAP employees SHOULD know at least 7 of 10 facts)
      I agree with Martin’s comments about the UI and the usability.  I had to ponder (and English is my first language) which button to push to continue and also wasn’t quite sure how to complete and submit.