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In a typical Identity Management project, the workflows that are implemented within SAP IdM require sending out various different notification emails to the users or the administrators of the system. Reasons for sending emails are to inform approvers about pending approvals, notify users about privileges that have been assigned or removed as well as escalate approvals that have been pending for a certain timeframe. The number of different emails that need to be sent will even increase if you have users in different countries and you need to inform the users in their native language. SAP IdM offers a script function called uSendSMTPMessage that can be used to send emails to users. However, in this case the email templates are hard-coded within the JScript functions and cannot be easily displayed or edited. What we need – especially for large IdM deployments – is more a flexible way of managing email templates. The following paragraphs will show the high level steps for extending SAP IdM, so that email templates can be managed and sent in a more flexible way. h2. *Adding a new Entry Type for Email Templates* h2. *Creating Tasks for Managing Email templates* Now that we are able to store email templates, we have to develop some tasks for creating,modifying and deleting email templates.  The following task shows the attribute definition for creating an email template.As you can see, the attributes E_MAIL_TO, EMAIL_FROM, HP_EMAIL_SUBJECT_EN and HP_EMAIL_MESSAGE_OR_FILENAME_EN are marked as mandatory. This will make sure that at least the English part of the email template will always be entered and that we use the English template if the native language of the user is not present in the template:  The next screenshot shows a sample template that is being edited in SAP IdM: 
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