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My SCN Success Story: How SCN ‘changed my life’ (A true drive thru experience by @mgillet)

With the SCNotty and SCN Video Choice submission deadlines coming up this Thursday September 30th, 2010, I wanted to add my five cents.

My SCN Success Story: How SCN ‘changed my life’ : I had it my way and had a blog for lunch ! Thirst for knowledge, Food for thoughts ? Time to chime in ! A true Drive thru experience by @mgillet – Buckle up !

The Video … Action !

Further to the SCN Choice videos contest, I added the following video :


The slides : the wrap up in a nutshell

SAP Communities, SAP Mentors, what’s in it for me ? How to convince my boss to let me access it ? (SAP Inside Track debriefing & Invitation to TechEd Networking Sessions) (Have it your way)

Newbie to SAP Communities ? Get started now !

SAP Communities ‘How it changed my life’ (I had it my way and the SAP Mentors Way).

Here are the wrap up slides from the end of the video.

More to tell… Check my blog entries :  

My five Cents,

All the best,



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  • Hi Martin,
    The drive-thru video is very funny. 😀 It takes a lot of skill to drive with one hand and a camera in the other hand, ha ha.
    Well done!
  • The fabulous @mgillet strikes again!  BPX meal, Wiki, and Mentor Monday with no ice.
    And the EnterpriseGeeks theme song playing too.
    Great job!
  • Too funny the reaction of the guy you placed the order with! Great submission. Hard to compete with Eva Wonderdoggy though :-).

    Have fun at TechEd. I’ll miss you guys this year.