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Meet the SCN Moderators: Las Vegas

A moderator sighting in Vegas?

I know what you are thinking, that moderators only live in some dark deep basement ready to lock threads, remove points and send users to their final destination, but it is not true.  Our basements actually do have lighting and we also like to edit messages to show we exist.  Seriously though a lot of us moderators do care about how to make SCN a great place to hold a serious converation on SAP related issues. 

We finally decided that those SAP Mentor folks were having way too much fun and we needed to have a meet-up of our own with the general community and among ourselves.  I have agreed to host the following meet the expert session at SAP Teched Las Vegas 2010:

EXP512: SCN Meet the Moderators

It’s on Thursday October 21st at 5:30PM.  I know what you are thinking and it is right before dinner time, before the concert.  However its a perfect way to wrap up three full days of educational sessions.

As Jim Spath gave you three reasons to attend the session in Berlin, here are my top three:

  1. Meet the people who considered the experts in your area in person.  Remember most moderators started out as active regular contributors.
  2. See in person people who really do give care about the quality of the community contributions
  3. Voice your concerns about moderation in person.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Now it is your turn to meet the SCN “A-Team”.   No promises that the black van will be there though.

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  • With over 700 moderators must be a few who don’t know each other for sure.
    This is also an opportunity for moderators to share leading practices.  I would miss dinner for this gladly :-).  Thanks for taking it on Stephen!
    • Marilyn,

      Yeah amazingly I forgot that lol.  Well if you are a moderator on SCN and attending teched Las Vegas, please attend if you can.

      Take care,