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How to derive Cost Center with postings from TRM

In customizing: Financial Supply Chain Management > Treasury and Risk Management > Transaction Manager > General Settings > Accounting > Link to Other Accounting Components > Allocate Additional Account Assignments to Account Assignment References (view TRACV_ADDACCDATA), you can assign the relevant business area and cost center based on the corresponding company code and account assignment reference.



Additionally, the cost center from view TRACV_ADDACCDATA will only be “used” for account symbols that are using Posting Categories 4 and 5 (Profit-related posting):

 4 Profit-related posting in position currency, and
 5 Profit-related posting in payment currency


This is defined in customizing “Define Account Determination” (view cluster TRACX_ACC_DETER):


  1. In the step Definition of Account Symbols you define abstract account symbols. Here the important thing is posting category.
  2. In the step Definition of Posting Specifications you define different sets of posting specifications (debit and credit postings) using the account symbols.
  3. In the step Assignment of Update Types to Posting Specs you assign the relevant posting specifications to the individual update types for all valuation areas.
  4. In the step Valuation Areas -> Assignment of Update Types to Posting Specs you can assign different posting specifications to the update types for individual valuation areas
  5. In the step Assignment of G/L Accounts to Account Symbols you define G/L accounts for each account symbol. 

If you need to fill the cost center for other posting categories, you could use BadI TPM_ACCIF_TRAC (Method ACCIT_EXIT). You may create your own implementation via transaction code SE19 with your own codings to change the cost center.


After all above settings have been finished, with posting from TRM, e.g. TBB1, cost center will be filled in the FI documents.

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  • Ok, thank you for your post.
    If I can add a suggestion about the design of that customizing table, I would add the profit center too in order to fill it when required by income or profit accounts.
    Now it is very tricky to handle the profit center deriving it from the cost center and with the help of the “manipulate” Badi, also for avoiding the use of a cost center for a registration regarding a profit account specially when there are also active validation rules on economic accounts.