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Eight new ways you can use SAP StreamWork

We’ve been improving SAP StreamWork as a direct result of your feedback. In our latest release, you’ll see even more things that we’ve added and improved – and you can try them right now when you log in.

1. Chat with other users

This is the feature that you, our users, have been asking for the most in our feedback forum. If any of your workmates are also logged in to SAP StreamWork, you can now chat with them right within the application. Even better, if you’re chatting about an activity, you can choose to save its text to an activity so that you don’t lose any brilliant ideas. Don’t worry – we’ll give you a moment to edit the text of your chat to remove any comments you don’t want other people to see.

2. Follow other users and their activities

Keep up with what your coworkers are doing – and capitalize on serendipity – by choosing to follow certain activities or users. Yes, that also means that you can now post a status for yourself or for one of your activities, much like you would in other social media tools. Of course, if you start seeing too many updates, you can stop following at any time.

3. Connect to our Feed API

If you’re a developer, you can use SAP StreamWork as a feed source for other applications or to aggregate feeds from other sources. The Feed API uses the Activity Streams XML format to post incoming events and retrieve activity feeds. Read our API documentation for more details. You’ll also find information about our Method API and Integration API, which we’re continuing to enhance.

4. Recover unsaved text

Another frequent request from our users has been a way to automatically recover text that hasn’t been saved. If you’ve been working on some text but haven’t submitted it, you now can’t lose anything past the last 30 seconds of your work.

5. Mark an activity as a favorite

You’ve already been able to sort activities in your list by name, owner, or date of most recent update. Now, you can also add a star next to activities that you want to highlight and then quickly view a list of just those activities.

6. Copy and paste from Excel into a table

Instead of painstakingly recreating a table that already exists in Excel – by copying text from individual cells – you can save time by copying and pasting all of the cells you’ve selected in Excel directly into an SAP StreamWork table.

7. View an item in full-screen mode

Some work items just need more screen real estate than others to make them easier to see or work with. You can now switch to a full-screen mode to focus on a single item – and then switch back again when you’re ready to continue.

8. Create a checklist

For those of you that can’t live without a to-do list, we’ve created a checklist method that lets you add items to a list, reorder them if needed, and then check them off when you’re done. You can find it in the Basic tab of the Tools Catalog.

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    • Hi Alwin,

      Right now, the calendar collaboration tool that’s available in SAP StreamWork is the one from Doodle – which you can find by clicking “Tools Catalog” while you’re in an activity and then choosing “Partner Tools.”

      While it doesn’t allow you to see someone else’s Outlook calendar directly, once you sign up for the service, it does allow you to suggest to your colleagues several times that might work, allow them to agree on one, and then help you set corresponding calendar reminders in your separate Outlook applications.