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Solution Manager chatter – SolBros Episode 4

In this episode of The SolBrothers, we talk about all the latest things in the Application Lifecycle Management space. We juggle Friday night in the USA with a Saturday morning in Australia.


A few details are listed below; highlights include talk about the famous food critic, excitement about Charm, SAP TechEd 2010 and SAP DemoJam.

The “Sol Bros” are:

Phil Avelar

Jim Spath

Jon Reed

Tony de Thomasis


Links to previous SolBros Episodes

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Link to the current podcast


Podcast Notes.


 Comments / Content
Introductions and previous weblog comments
Landscape Verification
Landscape Verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager - General Availability
Jim's incredible journey into SolMan training - VLC E2E 100
Monday Link
Tuesday Link
Wednesday Link
Thursday Link
Panaya and Winshuttle
Panaya Link
Winshuttle Link
Ray Wang Link 
Solution Manager change management and and Blueprinting 
ChaRM Link
Ajay Slideshare Link
SolMan Link 
SAP TechEd
John and Tony will be in Las Vegas, Jim in Berlin and Phil is still on the fence
SAP TechEd Link
Innovation Weekend
Innovation Weekend Link
JumpStart Sessions
SAP Teched JumpStart Sessions Link 
SAP DemoJam
The Innovation Garage
Welcome New SAP Mentors Fall 2010
SAP TechEd Berlin and SCNotties
SCNotties Link 
Expert Lounge sessions not to be missed
Career Success Networking session Link
Certification Networking session Link
Career Strategies in the Outsourcing age session Link 
Keep your data-centre humming Link

Lifehouse Concert
Lifehouse Concert Link
Wrap up and closing remarks
Outtro - SAP Mentor 66 theme, Matt Harding. 




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  • Hi Tony and other SolBros,

    Thanks for reflection on agent and plug0in maintenance. If would eagerly accept the eating habbits as a trade-off to clone Tony 🙂

    1. I have read about Landscape verification. It is a new and seems good tool. But this is to find and correct the wrong configuration. My question was on a regular maintenance to keep it up-to-date. It becomes a big effort and especially with Wily agents the application systems needs restart and it is not easy to get agreement for downtime for multiple systems. And with unavailability of non-cloned Tony, it becomes even more challenging :). Just as an example a team took about a year to configure agents for MDM system and it is still not generating EWA. Imagine when the whole infrastructure calls for maintenance!!! Anyhow, my belief is that without good people no strategy/tools/processes can work.

    2. Appreciate if you can cover Solman SPS/EHP in next podcost. Concern is mainly that it is expected to apply SPS/EHP frequently on SOLMAN for various reasons; MOPZ, agents, EWA synch with SAP etc. System with many implemented ALM scenarios it becomes critical. On the other hand when regular SPS/EHP are planned for other applciation systems, it becomes even complicated as they depend on SOLMAN for these activities. Any suggestion on how to handle this complexity. As the downtime of SOLMAN also its the all kind of monitoring/alerting setup, which is critical for business.

    Looking forward to the next Podcast.