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UPDATE (2011):

An SAP Note was delivered to eliminate this problem:

1530255 – BW selective deletion w/ very large single record conditions.

The work around is not necessary anymore.





Unfortunately, there is no SAP Note about this topic, but this is something we often receive complaints about, here in SAP Support: Short Dumps when performing selective deletions.



The dump comes with the following information:


Runtime Errors :        RAISE_EXCEPTION


A RAISE statement in the program “SAPLRSDRD” raised the exception

condition “X_MESSAGE“.

Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior

program, processing was terminated.








What causes this runtime error is the extension of the SQL statement generated in the deletion program. There is a limit for SQL statements and it may vary between different databases.


If you make an extensive delete condition, it’s highly likely that the SQL statements generated will be too long and the short dump will happen.


The solution for this would be reformulating the conditions, using invervals when it’s possible.


I performed the following tests in my sandbox system:



1- Displayed the InfoCube Z_CUBEMARA and clicked on the Delete Selection button:




2- In the selection screen, expanded the values for the field “teste mara” in “Dimension 1”.




3- In the selection screen, expanded the values for the field “teste mara” in “Dimension 1”.




4- Used the button “Copy from Clipboard” to paste the dummy selection.




5- Started the deletion.




6- And then checked the job on SM37. A dump happened.






7-  In ST22: Bingo!




8-   Now, changed the selection for just 1 value.






9- The job is finished successfully.





When the selective deletion fails with an error in the generated code, it is saved inspection. If you take a look at the at the report RSDRD_BADCODING on se38, you will probably see the size of the generated statements and the following message:


“The length of the current statement is greater that the allowed maximum length of 28 kilobytes.”




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  1. Witalij Rudnicki
    …very much. Looking forward for more tidbits 🙂

    Questions to this post:
    1/ What RDBMS you used in this example and what parameter would define the size of SQL?
    2/ I have BW7.0 SP 22 on Oracle, but I do not see RSDRD_BADCODING program there.

    Thanks. -Vitaliy

    1. Paulo Junior Post author

      So far, I have only chosen some short topics with the most common/tricky issues we have to solve in SAP Support. But my intention here is to go a little deeper.

      I have composed a senquence of threads about a very “dramatic” topic. I just need to finish editing the graphics, before staring to post it.

      While it’s not completely finished, I’ll keep posting some isolated issues/hints.

      About yor questions:
      1) I performed this test in 2 different SandBox systems. One of them runs over MaxDB and the other ORACLE

      2) Now, double-checking it, I only got the RSDRD_BADCODING report on Oracle. I just need to check with the Basis team if they have more info about this. I will also check about the DB parameters. From what I could get from the developers here, this report is an investigation tool.

      In this thread, someone else could see the report too:
      Re: Short dump during Selective deletion program.


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