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For those who are still undecided about attending the Innovation Weekend at SAP TechEd, 2010 – this may help you definitely decide and go for it! In this video, Mark Finnern explains the “Innovation Weekend” and what it means to join and participate in this effort.


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  1. Guido Brune

    the innovation weekend sounds as a very good idea.

    Frankly I can’t currently afford SAPTeched, but
    Innovation Weekend is okay for me.

    Under which conditions can I attend on the innovation weekend?

    Regards & Thanks,


  2. Mark Finnern
    Hi SCNers,
    I admit I ramble a bit in the video.

    I think innovation weekend is a bold attempt at bringing the process, the tech and the reporting folks together to create some magic. We are not sure whether it will work out, but that is the sweet spot where the music and the excitement is playing.

    Don’t believe my word, I just got an email from Richard Hirsch: “Right now, I’m focusing more on a BusinessCase for InnovationWeekend where StreamWork plays a major role.
    We are planning on using StreamWork’s new Feed API to meet the goals of non-profits regarding content aggregation. We are using the new Feed API – [original link is broken] [original link is broken] We are still in the early stages but things look promising.  Look here for some technical details: .  Right now, the focus in the InnovationWeekend is on non-profits but once the technology is there – it can applied very easily to companies.”

    Wow, the goal of the event is to help automate processes of non-profits, make them leaner and free up more resources to focus on their main goal. (At least that is my current understanding.)

    You should not miss that, Mark.
    P.S. I will be in Berlin for this.

    1. Mark Finnern
      P.S. By the way we should always use the press release stage for the renegade SAP Mentor interviews. Never thought that light would make such a difference.

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