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This is my first blog and frankly, I am thrilled to write something about Community Day.  Though many times, this topic was discussed in various forums, I would like to share my personal experience about the significance of Community Day.

I started learning SAP in 2004 and I was literally struggling to learn SAP due to the fact I dont have any Mentors to teach the basics.  Through one of my friend, I came to know about this SDN and its significant activities in encouraging its members.

Immediately, I registered myself to be a part of this great forum and started learning the criticalities in various process.  Slowly, I also started giving suggestions to test myself as to how far, I have excelled in the area in which I am learning.  I got excellent recognition once I started giving suggestions and have been rewarded with Top Contributor Badge in 2008, followed by Certification of Appreciation in 2009 for having given more quality suggestions. If I am correct, till 2008, badges and T-Shirts were given as a part of recognition to Top Contributors and I was told that due to logistics contraint, this has been stopped.  But still with the recognition I got from SDN, many eyebrows were raised in my earlier employment where it is a very rare occasion to get some recognition.  After that wherever I go, people recognized me and given a hearty reception which I never dreamed in my life.

Why I am telling is that basically, I have started my career in 1988 in a junior level and I was a non-IT guy, worked in various organizations and only when I started learning  SAP, the recognition I got from SDN is phenomenal and my position has came to Executive level.  The most important part of my life is that in 2008,  I have been invited to take part in Community Day, TechEd, Bangalore where I met many greats including Marylin Pratt.  Unfortunately, due to some reason or the other, this has been stopped now and hope atleast, some get together would be arranged before the TechEd’10 commences in

G. Lakshmipathi

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    It is great to have your voice here (not only in the forums where you have become quite a star)
    There are folks in the Bangalore community self-organizing and I suggest you reach out to them.
    People like Mrinal, Somnath, Dipankar are all Mentors who drive events like the Inside Track.
    I suggest you also start to use the wiki under events and begin initiating with them some plans to meetup and have something concrete planned.  I can check logistics on our side as well.
  2. Venkat Reddy

    Dear Lakshmipathi ji,

    You are the superstar of SDN. My position is similar as you were in 2004, the only difference is I have a person like you to get help.

    We would see many more experience based path finding blogs from you. All the best.


  3. Shiva Vasireddy

    Dear Sir,

                Thank you very much for your Valuable Contributions to the SDN on various issues and Requirements.we have learned a lot on your Contributions

    we are lucky for your presence in SDN.

    Thanking you,

    Siva prasad

  4. Jansi Rani Murugesan

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your scn contribution till date, I would like to have some info regardng free certification voucher we received from SAP for the year 2010 -2011 Topic leader

    I knew previous we had issue on redeeming the voucher in the site for Asia Pacific region,

    I hope the extended the validity till 31st Dec 2012, if not till what date they extended?

    Could you please update whether the issue is resolved, are you able to use the Vocher from Asia Pacific region.



  5. Narasimhulu Konnipati

    It may be so late to comment on this blog, but i am glad to share my opinion on Mr Lakshmipathi Ji, who is our inspiration.

    It is our pleasure to have your presence and guidance.

    Hope this will continue

    Have a great day



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