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CRM @ Teched 2010 Las Vegas

CRM & Teched 2010 Las Vegas?

Updated on 10/15/2010 to reflect teched session cancellations.

That’s probably your first question on why would anyone working SAP CRM want to attend teched in the first place.  Las Vegas itself serves an awesome real world laboratory of CRM in practice.  However for those of us who don’t want to experiment with our wallets to test the casino’s loyalty programs, there appears to be a nice serving of SAP CRM related content at Teched 2010 Las Vegas.

CRM sessions that are on my agenda

CD268 Integrate SAP CRM Web UI and Data from SAP ERP 6.0 (2 Hours)

Wow.. an actual SAP CRM Webclient UI class and bonus it has fellow SAP Mentor Fabio Fernades as a co-speaker.  I will be attending this one as a student using one of my hands-on session tickets. 

CD169 Hands on with Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM (4 hours)

A hands on session to play with SAP CRM Mobile solution?  Sounds like a great way to hopefully kick the tires.  Just remember to wipe up your drool from the iphones/ipads with a towel at the end of your session.  Another session where I will attend as a student and be ready to prepare a business case for 2012.

My remaining sessions that I don’t have an opinion about

CRM Sessions not currently on my agenda but take a look

Finally the one CRM session you should attend

EXP338: CRM Community Lounge

I will hosting a CRM community expert networking session.  This will be a great chance to meet other attendees interested in SAP CRM and talk about our hot button issues in the area of SAP CRM.  After the session in the lounge you are more than welcome to join me for lunch to continue the conversation.  I might have something to hand out to those who attend, no promises that it won’t fly away from me before the session.

Save a seat for me!

Now that I have you all excited about these sessions, can you at least save a seat for me?  Seriously though don’t be suprised if you see a blue-shirted SAP Mentor in one of these sessions, I will be wearing #29 FYI.

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    • Harshit,

      Unfortunately I’m only going to Las Vegas this year.  I almost thought about attending Berlin instead, but right now with two small children, it just won’t work(I have a 3 year old and an 8 month old). 

      It would definitely would have been exciting to visit Germany or India for myself, and meet a lot of folks that I only chatted with virtually. 

      Take care,


      • Hey Stephen,

        if I had the choice between Berlin and Las Vegas I would definitely choose Vegas! Having visited both towns recently I know which one I like way better.

        Another thing: I will not be at TechEd this year. So probably we get a chance to meet there next.(at least a plus for me).

        I bet TechEd in India would be a blast as well, but for me it is so far away.