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After the humiliating defeat that I suffered last year (‘Worst use of Clip Art’  indeed!) I decided I better step up my SCNotty.  

I spent some time reviewing the competition – oh, there are some tough ones out there!  How could I possibly compete?  I decided that what was really needed was a PSA (or Public Service Announcement) to help people understand the value that can be shared when they use SCN.  And what better role model for a PSA than Sally Struthers?  For those of you who are not familiar with Sally’s awesome body of work, I refer you to this clip, here.

She is also famous for her role as Gloria, Archie Bunker’s daughter, and the wife of Meathead on the show ‘All in the Family’.

Now I am not at all making light of the Christian Children’s Fund – and Sally did her absolute best for them, I am sure.

But I thought the premise was interesting.  Tug at people’s heart strings and show them the plight of others around the world.  Relate the cost of contributing to everyday items, such as a cup of coffee, or a pack of gum.  Let them know the rewards they will reap for contributing.  

Since my production budget was very low, I could not go out in the ‘real world’ in order to find these poor starving developers and analysts.  But the actors I did find agreed to work for a percentage of the backend.  They don’t yet know that it is (was) a block of wood.  Tough for them, huh? 

Filming was a snap, thanks to a FlipCam.  Editing?  Not so much.  I did want to increase the playback speed to shorten it up, but in all good conscience, I could not remove any of the clips that depicted the plight of un-SCN’ed developers and architects anywhere.  And as for removing or trimming my own scenes?  Hah!  Not on your life.    And I was thrilled to figure out how to include ‘Kumbaya’ in the soundtrack – as I believe this sets the right tone.

So feel free to take 4:14 out of your daily life.  I realize that if you do watch the video, you are probably already on SAP Community Network, so in a sense, I am already preaching to the choir.  But maybe someone else at your workplace will be inspired?  Who knows.

At any rate, I may at least qualify for the ‘most improved’ award.


PS: and if I win?  I will do a Sally Field impression (‘You like me, you really like me!) although I may choose to just imitate this famous show.  

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  1. Jim Spath
    Sue:  When I looked at the Announcing (Ta-Da) The First Annual SCNotties Awards Nominees I saw that not only were you nominated for a technical achievement in a category by yourself, you also were nominated in 2 performance categories.  From my math, you’re tied for most nominations.  And you did win the “Most Clip Art Or Still Photos In A 30 Second VIDEO”. You may think capturing a SCNotties prize is a defeat of a kind, though I’d submit that everyone who steps up and competes in this endeavor is a winner.  Think of the millions of SCNers who will go faceless and voiceless for another year by being too shy.

    Thy have until midnight Thursday (Pacific) time to try to top your frames.


    1. Susan Keohan Post author
      Perhaps it was the ‘off-site’ awards that made me feel like I did not contribute enough last year.  Of course, I have always been in a category by myself 😉
      Thanks Jim!
      1. Jim Spath
        Sue:  Last year the awards were split into technical and performance, mimicking the ‘real Oscars.’  We have new plans this year, with videos split between the tongue-in-cheek SCNotties awards, and the yes-we-are-serious SCN Video Choice awards.  As I will be in Berlin, the former will be presented by me there; the latter will be hosted by Sylvia Santelli in Las Vegas.

        Nomination categories, and the contestants themselves, won’t be revealed until after the deadline Thursday, mainly because I reserve the right to make up categories for humorous effect.  One hint I will let slip is that we could have a pet-related prize.  A lot of the fun last year was generated by the competition factor, meaning that 3 or more similar aspects could trigger a new category.  Suggestions will be taken on the wiki, or on blog comments, though we reserve the right to wing it.

  2. Martin English
    … just for trying 🙂

    I do think you must have told some pretty big lies about the upside to get that kind of performance out of your subjects.

    PS New Category – Creative use of the words ’30 seconds’

  3. Matthias Steiner
    Hey Sue,

    I just loved your submission Sue – dang, never heard that serious voice of you … and even backed up with that kinda background music. Must have been hard to maintain that straight face during the filming, aye? 🙂

    My favorite scene is the flashlight one – had me LOLing! 🙂

    Good stuff!

    Cheers, Matthias

    1. Susan Keohan Post author
      Thank you Matthias.  I found that when you truly *believe*
      sincerely enough in a cause, it is not hard to talk sincerely about it 🙂

      I enjoyed filming that scene too.  Those particular actors were really into the filming.


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