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Simple list of tasks to help your team effectively and efficiently organize your SAP cut-over deployment process

This simple list of three phases and few critical tasks will help your team effectively and efficiently organize your SAP cut-over deployment process.


You need Cut-over deployment process when

1. Moving from your old legacy system to new SAP system. You deploy enhanced functionality, Master data and Transactional data into SAP system.
2. Adding new functionality to you existing SAP system. Example: Upgrades, Addition releases etc.


For a smooth implementation

a. Your deployment processes should be well defined, document.
b. Data migrated should be accurate and reliable.
c. Users should be communicated and trained to use the new SAP system efficiently and effectively.
d. User portal interfaces should be easy to use, friendly and simple.


To make your deployment process smooth you can classify your cut-over deployment into three phases

1. Pre-Cut Over Phase
2. Cut-Over Phase
3. Post Cut-Over Phase


You organize various tasks in each of these phases. The list under each phase will help you organize your cut-over planning process.

a) Pre-Cut Over Tasks

1. Finalize transport
2. Capture all OSS notes
3. Finalize and confirm batch jobs
4. Create Cut-over user ID’s for users to work on cut-over tasks.
5. Plan System backup
6. Identify Primary and Secondary resources.


b) Cut-Over Tasks

1. Lock All super users (exclude for cut-over users)
2. Plan Transport import
3. Re-Org large SAP tables
4. Plan to resolve transport import errors
5. Capture all manual tasks
6. Plan conversion sequencing and dependencies
7. Plan Post conversion System Checkout


c) Post Cut-Over tasks

1. Unlock all user
2. Plan communication to users/Stake holders
3. Super Care Team (Post Production support) ready
4. Schedule all SAP batch jobs.
5. Complete project plan with actual dates
6. Create Lesson’s learnt document
7. Recognize team members


This simple list of phases and tasks will help your team organize your SAP cut-over deployment effectively and efficiently.

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