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I survived my first SAP Inside Track (#SITBRU) : Event Wrap up

Disclaimer : The views expressed, the content provided and/or produced during this event represent each individual input and does not necessarily represent SAP AG views. All the information provided hereunder is brought to you as a courtesy from their respective owners, copyrights might apply or just ask permission to re-use content.


I wanted to thank all the lecturers and the participants, thanks to you, your passion and collaboration we had a great day !


I also would like to thank SAP Belux and the SAP Lounge for welcoming us, not only with a great facility but also with fine food.


Last but not least, thank you to our proud sponsors, SAP PRESS for providing a courtesy discount on all books, for #sitbru participants and also a couple of free books ‘earned’ by the attendees.


TweetWallPro also made our Community Day shine thanks to its multiple Twitter Walls, so that we could interact live with the #sitbru twitter feed.


Also a very warm applause and thank you for the jetlag Master, aka Aslann, who supported this event for the onlive feed. We couldn’t have done without you !


Now that’s what I call a teamwork ! Kudos to all of you for your participation in this successful day .


Where it all began …



SAP Inside Track Brussels took place on Friday September 10th. We did ! This Great Community Day was a success thanks to you !


 I also wanted to debrief you on the outcome of this great Community day and provide all related material used or produced during the event. I have consolidated all information and related links in this blog entry.

You missed this great event ? No worries, we have most presentation and have taped most sessions. We certainly don’t want to be overwhelmong you but we wanted to provide a walkthrough the day as a wrap up exercise !


Now just relax, sit down and chime in !


Perhaps you were one of us and received this sticker that you can now proudly display ?

Figure 1 : Goodie Sticker ‘I survived my First SAP Inside Track’, provided to the attendees.

* for the record, I did actually survived as I smashed my head against the cables in the attic (Ditto Seinfeld : ‘That’s got to hurt no matter where you’re from’).


SAP Inside Track Brussels !

 Figure 2 : Group picture of a few attendees of #sitbru


Thank you ! A word from Belgian SAP Tracker @mgillet


Twitter Hashtag #sitbru Statistics

From the setting up of the SAP Inside Track, throughout the Community Day on September 10th, 2010 onwards, we have used the twitter hashtag #sitbru.

More than 90 person have tweeted about this great event !

Congratulations to our top three #sitbru contributors :



Kudos to the other contributors for sharing the information and news of #sitbru.



#sitbru Excerpts from the Evaluation Forms


Further to the SAP Inside Track held in Brussels, on Friday September 10th, I wanted to share with you some #sitbru Excerpts from the Evaluation Forms. Feel free to chime in and provide your input too.



Sessions Information and content


EU 2.0: What’s the point? (#sitbru kickoff session) by Caroline De ****  & Dick Nieuwenhuis


Currently, Belgium is currently leading the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


It was the perfect occasion to make the acquaintance of another Community. Thanks to the SAP Inside Track Brussels, I wanted the SAP Communities to meet the European Union peers that are powering the EU 2.0 roaring engine.


We were fortunate to have onboard Caroline De **** and Dick Nieuwenhuis.


EU 2.0: What’s the point? (#sitbru kickoff session)


Session 1 :  SAP Communities, SAP Mentors, what’s in it for me ? How to convince my boss to let me access it ? (SAP Inside Track debriefing & Invitation to TechEd Networking Sessions) by Martin Gillet


In today challenging world, surrounded by new technologies and communication channels, it is quite tough to stay ahead and keep up with the SAP technology watch.


Learn how to stay on the of the edge through the SAP Communities, which includes the SAP Mentors initiative. Identify through this walkthrough what SAP Communities can bring you, discover new areas, perhaps unknown, where you can also maintain your learning curve raising. Attendees will get some tips how to start and/or enhance their ‘filters’ facing these multiple sources of information. illustrated by the SAP Mentor initiative, on boarding a panel of experts next to you. Attendees will get best practices on how to reach SAP experts panel and their expertise, by using WEB 2.0 tools such as twitter. Last but not least, identify the arguments to be provided to your manager to let your manager allocate time to these activities and/or unblock the accesses to it.


SAP Communities, SAP Mentors, what’s in it for me ? How to convince my boss to let me access it ? (SAP Inside Track debriefing & Invitation to TechEd Networking Sessions)

SAP Communities, SAP Mentors, what’s in it for me ? How to convince my boss to let me access it ? (SAP Inside Track debriefing & Invitation to TechEd Networking Sessions)


Session 2 : Summary of Code Exchange Terms of Use presentation @ SAP Inside Track 2010 Brussels by Rui Nogueira


During the #sitbru, Rui talked about the terms of use of Code Exchange and addressed the questions he collected from various SCN community members in the past weeks.

Summary of Code Exchange Terms of Use presentation @ SAP Inside Track 2010 Brussels

You can also watch the session replay.

I also recorded Rui’s impression onsite during #sitbru :




Session 3 : IT Governance for SAP Practitioners by Prof. Georges Ataya


Professor Georges Ataya lectured a session regarding IT Governance and how it is impacting SAP Practitioners. What are the key challenges and a recommended methodoly to tackle these crucial matters ? Find out in Professor Ataya’s presentation.


#sitbru Session 3 IT Governance for SAP Practitioners by Georges Ataya


Session 4 : An introduction to STVN and using it to leverage better data and processes by Luke Marson


Luke is a leading SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN) specialist, subject matter expert and SAP Talent Management Consultant. He specialise in designing, developing and implementing tailored best practice STVN solutions for workforce visualisation, supporting key business processes and managing key talent within organisations.


Luke provided a brief overview of the flagship applications from Nakisa and how they’ve been implemented to provide more than just visualization of your organizational structure in a pretty way.


#sitbru Session 4 An introduction to SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN) and using it to leverage better data and processes  by Luke Marson


Session 5 : Session 5 : Open Innovation at SAP by Craig Cmehil


Craig Cmehil entert(r)ained us regarding Open Innovation at SAP.

Watch the session replay or find out why it’s not your father’s SAP anymore.

Perhaps also consider taking part in the Innovation weekend which take place just before TechED this year. 

I also recorded Craig’s impression onsite during #sitbru :





Session 6 : Gmail contextual gadgets and SAP: Augmenting email with contextual SAP info by DJ Adams


“We all know that email is here to stay, as the core component in a general workflow and collaboration platform. This is especially relevant in the context of Wave’s untimely demise. In this session, you’ll learn what’s possible with Gmail contextual gadgets: how an email can be transformed – nay exalted – from its core function as a humble message container, to a much more valuable tool, with features ranging from dynamically added information relevant to the email’s context all the way to interactive UIs to allow contextual interation with backend systems.

In this session, we’ll take a look at Google’s Gmail contextual gadget offering, and in keeping with (my) tradition, we’ll use the classic demo Correction and Transport data to show transport-specific information in the case where a transport number is mentioned in the email.”


Background reading: Getting Started with Gmail Contextual Gadgets


Presentation slides can be found here.


Session 7 : Web Dynpro ABAP Floorplan Manager Without Slides by Thomas Jung


Continuing the SAP Inside Track theme of Web Dynpro ABAP sessions without any powerpoint slides, I will do an all demo session covering the basics of Floorplan Manager. Learn what Floorplan Manager is, how to create Generic UI Building Blocks with Feeder Classes, how to configure and extend SAP Floorplan applications, and some best practices for the architecture of FPM applications.


Watch the session replay here (We apologize for the technical difficulties as replay might not be complete… another good reason to join us at TechEd !)


Session 8 : Certification C5 report and survey first reactions with Dennis Howlett, Jon Reed, Leonardo De Araujo, Martin Gillet and Michael Koch.


The Certification5 presented the first early results of the SAP Survey they have issued. At the time of the presentation, the figures were : 401 completes in 6 weeks, Slideshare showing selected results = 451 views in ONE day.

Dennis compiled it all, on behald of C5, in the following presentation ;

More detailed insight analyses in Dennis’s blog entry : Early results from SAP Certification 5 survey




(We apologize for the technical difficulties that made us shorten the duplex session).

Session replay can be found here.


Find out about the @Certification5 Whereabouts at TechEd 2010.


Session 9 : Sustainability Keynote  – learn more about the SAP Sustainability Report by James Farrar


James shared his insight views on the SAP sustainability report, highligting the key achievements obtained at SAP.


Session 10 : Social Innovation & Engagement by Frédéric Williquet

Frédéric entert(r)ained us regarding this vision of Tomorrow’s companies in the field of Social Innovation & Engagement.


The slides as well as onsite footage can be found here.



Picture Feed

I have taken a few photos, that you will find in the SAP Inside Track Brussels flickr streams :

– Slideshow #sitbru main stream 

– Slideshow #sitbru Twitter Walls

You also took pictures ? Add your best selection to the Flickr SAP Inside Track Community Group.


What’s next ? (Mrs Landingham ?)


I surely look forward to next year’s SAP Inside Track Brussels… keep looking out for the countdown.


By the way, a second SAP Inside Track is on its way to Belgium this year, on September 25th, as sponsored by a belgian parc : SAP Inside Track for kids !


My five cents,

All the best,


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