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Forbes recently published a short and very sweet blog featuring Bill McDermott. It’s not a deep-dive on our technology strategy by any stretch, and that’s a good thing. What we have here is one of SAP’s co-CEO’s, in very plain language, stating that we are delivering on our promises made earlier this year. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of McDermott sound byte gold to be mined here, but this time, his words carry much more weight than they ever have before.  Here’s why, taken from the Forbes interview:

SAP_ExecutiveBoard_McDermott_002-11.jpgMcDermott is taking a bold stand compared to the rest of the industry. SAP is sticking to software, he says, untempted by the acquisitions moves of his rivals.

All I can say is “phew!” I am relieved that we’re continuing to make a clear distinction between our strategy versus competitors – not to mention the fact that we’re also putting their master plan into a serious tailspin as a result. As Bill mentions in the Forbes blog, innovation is found at the software level, not buried within the bowels of a technology stack that the vendor controls. 

Yup, SAP is making some bold claims and we’re starting to shed that less-than-flattering “dullard” image as Forbes so graciously points out.  Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of innovation game to back up those bold claims. The recent Business Analytics press event (check out the lively Twitter chatter @ #sapanalytics, the webcast replay here) is just one prime example in a growing list of very real proof points that SAP means business and we’ll continue to accept nothing less than real results for our customers, thank you very much. TechEd is just around the corner, an event where the “rubber meets the road” with SAP developers, partners and power users. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone cooks up (especially during the Weekend of Innovation). Will these crafty ideas continue to push SAP towards reaching its lofty goals?

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and helpful pieces of content that underscore the amazing transformation taking place at SAP. Also, feel free to visit the SAP Newsroom early and often for the latest news releases, videos, webcast replays and more.  

– Tim

Twitter: TClark01

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