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Business Rules Management with SAP (Overview of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM) – educational session PMC103

Have you asked yourself when BRFplus would be better to use than SAP NetWeaver BRM and vice versa? You may already know that BRFplus is a 100% ABAP solution while SAP NetWeaver BRM is a 100% Java solution, however, it could be difficult to decide what technology to use. It all depends on your particular requirement. This session will introduce you to the SAP Business Rules approach, components, features and usage of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM in SAP applications; general recommendations on when to use what technology including mixed scenarios; alignment of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM; and BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM specific features to come.
The session will also be offered in Bangalore. 

Own Your Business Logic With Business Rules Framework plus – hands-on session PMC163  

With Business Rules Framework plus you can own your business logic. By this it is meant that you can change critical decision point values on the fly when it is needed. This session will show you how to create, maintain, and use business rules with Business Rules Framework plus in SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.0.2.
The session will also be offered in Bangalore.

Accelerating Business Rules with SAP NetWeaver BRM – hands-on session PMC260

SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management (SAP NetWeaver BRM) 7.3 is bringing a variety of new features that go from simple usability enhancements to complex reuse of rule artifacts. These features allow rules developers and business users to create and change complex business decision logic quickly and reliably. During this session you will build agile business rules using the main features of SAP NetWeaver BRM 7.3, learn best practices to define your rules, and integrate the rules into a business process.
The session will also be offered in Bangalore.

Business Rules at SAP: Business Rules Framework plus and SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management – pod POD24

An expert on BRF plus and SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management will introduce you to business rules and SAP’s offering. Watch live demos and discuss your specific use case or ask questions about the business rules strategy and the two products. The pod gives you the chance to learn from first hand project experience. After the discussion, you will know how you can create smarter solutions: more transparency and higher flexibility and agility at lower implementation costs. Why write ABAP code when functional experts can own their logic with business rules?



The BRFplus Book

BRFplus – Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications (Thomas Albrecht, Carsten Ziegler)

BRFplus Book

Find more information about the book on the SAPPress website.

The book contains a fairly complete description of the BRFplus API, deployment options, rules methodology and plenty of tutorials and code examples. There is no better source of information for BRFplus!

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