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SAP Mentors and SAP University Alliance Program

I am fortunate to be able to attend the upcoming TechEd in Las Vegas.   Although I am not a very technical person I have two goals for the event.  Firstly I am going to try and understand some of the new BI initiatives and their suitability for incorporation into university curriculum.  One of the many good SAP resources I have discovered is the TechEd DVD’s.  These include presentations plus hands on exercises in a broad range of areas and make it easier to quickly create some workshops for a subject.  But remember they are more technical in nature.  The DVD’s can be purchased separate from the event.

The second purpose of attendance is to reach out to some of the SAP Mentors to get them involved in university activities.  I know you are probably going to ask yourself “what is a SAP Mentor?”.  A year ago I would have asked the same question.  These “gurus” are the leading influencers in the SAP community and are experts in a SAP product or service.  You can find out more about SAP Mentors at SAP Mentor Initiative .

Through my role in the SAP user group I recently met a couple of the SAP Mentors and found that they are enthusiastic about getting involved with universities to pass their knowledge onto students.  A number of SAP Mentors are already involved in different aspects of the SAP University Alliance Program.

So here is an opportunity for universities to further leverage SAP Mentors.  If you have some suggestions of how SAP Mentors could assist the SAP University Alliance Program post your ideas below and I will attempt to pass them on.

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  • Hi Paul,
    Thanks for engaging and reaching out to the Mentors.
    As I’m involved not only in consulting but also with SAP Education activities, I would be very pleased to onboard the SAP Universities Alliances. I have started my ‘five cents share’ locally in Belgium where I do my utmost in my former University to lecture a workshop on ERP Processes and its impact on Business Activities (Focus on Human Resources)… Well, it’s tough to get them convinced, I got my Diploma in 1997… and ever since, nothing has changed much… Could you believe, they just teach plain Ms stuff (including Access !)…

    I was very pleased to have a small chat with Bill Mc Dermott on how Education is important and how SAP Universty Alliance Program is one of the channel to reach out to students and ‘newbies’.

    I will be at #teched Berlin and Vegas, I do look forward to make your acquaintance and engage with you.

    Thanks again to chime in !
    All the best,


  • I believe this is a great initiative but theres more than SAP Mentors, you might want to think what Topic Leaders can add to the program too.


    • Hi

      I agree.  I was expecting academics to reply to the blog about how SAP experts could assist in their programs.  Based on their responses I was then going to apparoach the most appropriate people.  The responses have been from the experts who are saying we love to get involved.

  • Hi Paul,

    in my opinion SAP University Alliance is one of the most important initiatives because helps students to understand the concept of standard software and help to start their career in the SAP ecosystem. As a SAP Mentor I offer my help – perhaps by giving a lecture about an SAP specific topic at a university.

    As SAP Mentor and Software Architect at an ISV I would appreciate if partnership between universities and SAP could be “opened” to the SAP ecosystem. And this is how it could work: a lot of companies don’t have research institutes and need contacts to academic research instead. So students who want write their thesis about in an practical SAP related topic and companies, who will sponsor and supervise it, have to come together. It would be very helpful if SAP University Alliance could help.

    Best Regards,

  • The Student Dashboarding club is a pilot sponsored by University Alliance, working with Kirby Leong.

    Not sure who’ll be learning more, me or the students! I’ve been working this week on updating the slides I’ll be presenting in a week or so to the club.

    Would love to meet you in Vegas too!

  • I met you a few years ago in Sydney through SAUG. Wish we had Boags up here.

    As for the University Alliance, I’m very interested, but won’t be available to help until November at the earliest. What are my next steps?

  • Paul,

    Count me as another SAP Mentor very much interested in also engaging with the University Alliance Community.  Look forward to seeing you at teched in Las Vegas.

    Take care,


  • Hello Paul,
    I wonder if you have any more specific plans about this than “meeting the Mentors”. I understand this is most probably just a first step, but if you would have any more specific ideas you could share here (or through another blog), it would be great.
    To create something new at the “meeting” would be great, but feels like more luck-dependent than a real process from A to B, to get the results. I am also unable to come to Vegas, to talk but am interested to participate in the discussion.
    So my question is: could you write something instead of the talking? You have so many potential people for help you from all around the globe (that for example means different time zones:))), but you would waste most of the potential if would only talk with some of the lucky.
    Hope to hear/read/see more,
    best regards
    • Hi Otto

      The blog did not go the way I had initially intended.  I was expecting universities to post comments about how SAP Mentors could possibly assist in their programs.  I would then try and source the appropriate SAP Mentor or experts who could assist.

      We have been very successful at Victoria University in building these relationships and I was trying to assist other universities.

      We have organised Tony de Thomasis to teach a subject next semester based on the Netweaver stack.  We will be working with the SAP community to develop the case study for the 2011 Australian Dashboard competition.  In late October we will be conducting a Supply Chain Simulation game involving teams from universities and industry mentors.

      The blog has resulted in SAP experts offering their assistance to work with universities and no universities requesting assistance.

      I will continue to look for opprotunities of how to bring industry and universities closer together and hopefully some of the things we achieve will be models for similiar activities to be conducted by other universities.



  • Is seems to me that there is quite a bit of interest on both sides (mentors and UA members) to pursue this great idea. 

    Can we have a meeting of minds at Tech Ed Las Vegas to brainstorm some ideas?  I know not everyone will be there, but it may be a way to move this past the talking stage.



    • Hi Simha

      It would be good to meet at Teched to see how we can move this forward.  But as you can see below the interest is primarily from SAP experts offering assistance rather than universities seeking opportunities.



  • Dear Paul,

    as an former SAP Greece employee and a Lecturer in the University of Athens Economics and Business part of the Alliances Program, I welcome the idea of SAP Mentors.I trully would appreciate and value the communication with an SAP Mentor. The exchange of knowledge and coaching from a Mentor concerning SAP teaching and guidance is the cornerstone of heading to the right direction. Please advise of any steps required in order to open the channel of communication with the appropriate SAP Mentor.
    Thank you in advance for your effort and time

    • Hi

      If you give me some specific detail of what type of collaboartion you seek I will try and source the most appropraite SAP Mentor.  If it is about curriculum and resources then I would be in a gopod position to help.  You should contact me directly.

      Good luck