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OCI Catalog for Purchasing in ECC MM 6.0

this a a short introduction about using procurement catalog in ERP MM.

you don’t need SRM for using a catalog in MM transactions ME51n, ME21n. You have to consider that you can use only one catalog. If you want to use more then one catalog you should use SRM. That’s the design

UPDATE: from EHP5 it is possible to have more than 1 catalog in MM!

  1. Customizing:
      -> Purchasing
         -> Environment Data
            -> Web Services: ID and Description                                                 you can find more detailed information about the settings in Customizing of Supplier Relationship Management  (-> SRM Server -> Master Data -> Define External Web Services )
  2. let me explain the call structure parameter needed for the catalog (this is valid for a CCM-Catalog) :
     seq.Nr name  parameter value 
     10    http://……..
     20  SAP-LANGUAGE  sy-langu
     30  SAP-CLIENT  xxx
     40  CATALOGID  (name of catalog you want to use)
     50  LOCALE  sy-langu
     60  CCM-USER  (user for logon to catalog)
     70  CCM-PASSWORD  (password for logon to catalog)
  3. You can maintain more than one WEB Services, but you have to set the ‘Default Indicator’ for one of them, otherwise you will not get any Catalog to be displayed in ME51n/ME21n.
  4. is it possible to use Multiple catalog in MM?
    by default not, but take a look into Function Module MMPUROCI_CALL. There is a coding here for calling more than one catalog, but it is inactive. 
    An activation would be a modification w/o warranty…

 So, i hope it will helps you a bit

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  • Hi Gabor, this is fantastic, am gonna try this out, this will help service procurement requisitions to some extent
  • Thanks Gabor for revisiting this feature.

    I have implemented this at one of my customers and the feedback from the users has been very positive.

    I built some enhancements to add support for multiple catalogues and to make them vendor and user specific. This means that, for example, once the user selects the vendor in ME21N they can jump to that vendors specific catalogue and if required I pass user-specific parameters to it.

    I also created an enhancement to do catalogue specific mapping of the return data as different catalogues implement OCI in different ways. 🙁

    I have heard a rumour that in the not to distant future SAP will deliver support for multiple catalogues out of the box.

    Graham Robbo

  • Hi
    I undertood after going thru the blog that only one supplier catalog can be integrated to ME51N trx as std in EHP4 and multiple catalogs set up require development.
    My client is considering using hosted catalog system (Ariba / Quadrem). They host different supplier catalogs and we need to connect to hosted catalog system via OCI Punch out from ME51N. From hosted catalogs system, we will access different supplier catalogs and then bring item to hosted catalog sys and then to ECC. So instead of making multiple punch outs from ECC, we want to make one punch out to hosted catalog system.

    I worked on the similar model for SRM and it was very good.
    I was wondering, if ECC-EHP4 will support same functionality from ME51N trx. In ECC, I will be defining only one hosted catalog system.

    I will appreciate your input / experiences.


  • Hi Gabor,

    i am on s4 hana and we are not going to use srm-mdm for the catalog, instead we are trying to find ways to develop/customize the catalog within s4 hana itself..most likely would need heavy abap codes for this.

    and i can’t see these data that you mentioned below..are these only for srm-mdm use catalog only?

    seq.Nr name parameter value
    10        http://……..
    20        SAP-LANGUAGE sy-langu
    30        SAP-CLIENT xxx
    40        CATALOGID (name of catalog you want to use)
    50        LOCALE sy-langu
    60        CCM-USER (user for logon to catalog)
    70        CCM-PASSWORD (password for logon to catalog)

    but i can’t find the above fields at all in SPRO-Purchasing-Environment Data-Web Services: ID and Description, can i know where’s the above fields for sequence and parameter value located?

    i am only seeing the following 4 fields in call structure
    -seq number
    -name of parameter
    -value of parameter for web service

  • Dear Gabor

    i am trying to introduce same functionality in my organisation, I tried with your config, i configured the said entries you mentioned and tried with some Amazon purchases / flipkart sites these sites i can see the screen from SAP however I am not able to transfer any item in to purchase Requisition

    Is there any other thing required? I saw some post says supplier catalogue shall support SAP.. is it true? if yes than where can I get such trial catalogue which I can configure and show the demo to my seniors


    Kind request to help