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Debugging DTPs is very easy. There is an option in the Execute tab of the DTP that allows you to execute it in a Dialog Process and debug it (screen-shot). You may even set breakpoints.



How about InfoPackages?

If you have a routine in the InfoPackage, you may insert the “manual” BREAK_POINT in the code. For more general situations, you may proceed with the following steps.



1- Set the InfoPackage scheduler to “Start Later in Background”.



2- The Scheduling Options window will open. Just set to “Immediate” and save.




3- Now, you need to set a debugging user for the system, so that the process will stay “on hold”, until you start debugging it in SM50. You may either go to RSA1 -> Global settings and change the field “Debugging User” to the user that is going to run the InfoPackage (BW Remote user)…




… or go directly to the table RSADMINA in SE16 and change it.


Caution: When you set this user, all processes running by it will stop and wait for manual intervention on sm50.  



4- Start the InfoPackage.



5- Quickly go to SM50 find the work process and debug it.



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    1. Former Member Post author
      The point about setting this user is that the system will put this job “on hold”, until you go there and debug it. If the user is not set, it will proceed as usual.
  1. Purvang Zinzuwadia

    I was trying to follow your new technique to debug the infopackage. After the last step in SM50 where system asks for debugging program with Yes/No; after I select Yes, nothing happens after that. I was expecting to start debugger window.

    I have set background user with ALEREMOTE and debugging user as my user name.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Purvang,

      I tested this procedure in a few test systems and it worked. Are you sure you are setting the correct user as the debug user?

      I’ll check this once more in other systems, though.

      However, if it still doesn’t work for you, try to use the solution 1 from the following SAP Note:
      #573128 – Debugging programs in the background

      When you schedule in InfoPackage, set it to run in a few minutes and choose a job for it.

      In SM37, you can selected this job and proceed as described in the suggestion 1 from that SAP Note.

      Kind Regards,

      Paulo Junior


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