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+This blog entry is part of a series of blog entries on Slipstream, an SAP Research prototype for Business Activity Management for SAP NetWeaver BPM. It is a follow up on last year’s blog entry and extends beyond mere monitoring.+   This article deals with event producers, i.e. systems that provide input to business activity management. While the article focuses on enabling SAP NetWeaver BPM to send events, other event sources are obviously also of interest to process execution such as contextual data from sensors or traffic or weather feeds.  *Enabling Event Sending*   There are basically two ways of enabling SAP NetWeaver BPM to send events: An automated and a more manual way. When using a standard SAP NetWeaver BPM server, at this time event sending can only be enabled manually. This means that event producing tasks must be modelled explicitly into BPMN models before and after the tasks to be monitored. This entails a lot of change in the models which can be inconvenient for model management but allows for the focussed positioning of measuring points. The following BPMN model is an example for that.image
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