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Introducing SAP Sourcing OnDemand Wave 7

The latest version of SAP’s Strategic Sourcing application, SAP Sourcing OnDemand Wave 7, is now available. This version of SAP Sourcing OnDemand, previously named SAP E-Sourcing OnDemand, is the culmination of over one and one-half years of investment, resulting in significant enhancements in all three functional areas: SAP Strategic Sourcing OnDemand, SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand, and SAP Supplier Management OnDemand, as well as improvements in overall Usability, Architecture and Platform capabilities and new Learning offerings.

In this posting, I will be giving you a brief overview of these new enhancements. Over the next few months, our Product Owners will be posting additional deep dives into each of these areas to give you a more complete understanding of the new functionality.

Below is the main Workbench page for SAP Sourcing OnDemand Wave 7. 

In SAP Strategic Sourcing OnDemand, we have made the following enhancements:

  • Formula Based Pricing – the capability of defining custom formulas for enhanced Pricing and  Total Cost Analysis
  • Enhanced Excel Import / Export – new Excel Workbook templates offering greater ease of use for Importing and Exporting RFx and Auction documents
  • RFX Line Item Attachments 
  • RFX Response Analysis Dashboard – new Xcelsius technology allowing greater visual insight into Bid Responses
  • Dutch Auction Support – a new Auction type in which the price of an item is lowered at a regular price/time  interval until it gets a bid
  • Auction – Multiple Line Item Start Price by Supplier

In SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand, we have made the following enhancements:


  • Contract Performance Dashboard (above) – new Xcelsius technology that improves Visibility into Master Agreements and expiring Contracts
  • Contract Importer – enhanced ability to upload Master Agreement Metadata and Contract Documents
  • Enhanced Contract Document View – usability improvements in the default view of Contact documents that also include attachments
  • Payment Term Report
  • Enhanced Data Synchronization between Agreement and  Contract Document – Data Synchronization between Master Agreement Metadata and the MS Word Contract Document using the MS Word 2007 Content Control Feature

In SAP Supplier Management OnDemand, we have made the following enhancements:


  • Supplier Scorecard Dashboard (above) – new Xcelsius analytic capabilities for enhanced Scorecard reporting
  • Supplier Approval Workflow – Allows creation and modification of Supplier info to be routed through a defined workflow process including approvals
  • Integration of the Supplier to multiple ERP systems

Across all of these offerings, SAP Sourcing OnDemand has made significant improvements in overall Usability and Platform capabilities:

  • Favorite and Recent Items – enhanced end-user defined “bookmark-” and “history-”like navigation
  • Global Search – Google-like search including attachments and all  business documents
  • Advanced List Pages – personalized list page search and result display utilizing drag-and-drop and save capabilities
  • Quick Create – short, easy forms for Supplier and Project creation
  • Workbench Personalization – utilizes drag-and-drop interactions for greater ease of use and personalization options
  • SAP BusinessObjects Tool Adoption – CVOM charting enhancements for standard reports and , Xcelsius dashboard technology.
  • WYSIWYG Page Customization – ease-of-use enhancements for the administrator role when creating page customizations 
  •  Auto Completion – Auto-fill technology on select fields
  • Multi Attachment Downloads – the ability to download multiple attachments at once using zip files
  • User Voice – End User Feedback component
  • MS Office 2007 support
  • Project Usability Enhancements – ease-of-use enhancements in the Project Schedule tab
  • Business Rule Designer – New functionality available in Setup for  creating custom business rules
  • New Knowledge Services Offerings – “How to?” videos for certain processes enabling  Learning on Demand, and new SAP Sourcing Community Page on SDN / BPX

Please continue to check the Sourcing homepage in the upcoming months for additional details on these topics and more.

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