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Version 2.0 of SAP Support Note Viewer for Android – brought to you by the SAP Mentors

The SAP Mentors are proud to bring you version 2.0 of the SAP Support Note Viewer for Android.


Version 2.0 contains a completely new user interface based on Android best practice. It also contains the following new functionality:

Search notes
Integrated with both xSearch beta and standard notes search
Quick search in favorites
Use magnifying glass in top right corner. As you type, it filters out only matching notes
Download PDF of a note and open with with Adobe Acrobate for Android (or other apps that can handled application/pdf files)
Support for Knowledge base articles 
Only partially, click printer friendly view in order to see entire article
Anonymous analytics on usage
Needed for improving the app, but can be disabled
Move to SD Card
Android 2.2 only

In addtion it has functionality for:

Store your favorite notes
Share your favorite notes through other android apps (e-mail, twitter, etc.)
Cloud to device integration
This allows you to read a note in your Google Chrome browser on the PC, click a button and have it sent directly to the SAP Support Note Viewer app on Android a few seconds later 


In order to install the app search for SAP in the market application from your Android Mobile phone or use an Android barcode scanner on the QR code to the right.


PS The source code of the application is available at

PSS There have so far been 1914 installs of this app. Help spread the app to friends and colleagues that might have a use for it!  

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