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SAP Rapid Deployment solutions speed up IT response to Business requirements

In the “new” economic environment, the requirements expected of IT teams by Lines of Business (LOB) leaders are increasing, while staffing levels managing ever more complex landscapes are being stretched. In response to this trend, SAP is introducing SAP Rapid Deployment solutions on September 22nd as part of SAP’s World Tour series in Chicago, with successive offerings rolling out on a quarterly release schedule. These business management software offerings combine pre-configured modular SAP software with specific services and content offerings at a predetermined cost and scope, lowering risk and accelerating implementation times-with substantially reduced services to software costs.


SAP customers need “instant value”  to “everyone everywhere,” an idea recognized in the SAP Mid-Term strategy articulated by the SAP Co-CEOs. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions consist of SAP software, SAP Predefined Services, and pre-configuration and enablement content; as a result, the IT staff can respond to today’s challenges with the flexibility to simplify the IT landscape and head off future problems.


SAP Rapid Deployment solutions improve the time to value and lower the risks of cost and time overruns through the following:


  • The modular nature of each software edition (i.e. CRM, which can be implemented to support separately the scenarios of Sales, Marketing, Services, and Business Communications Management) serves the needs of individual Lines of Business leaders with a focused, smaller footprint and scope.
  • Each of the solutions (again using CRM as an example) has a predefined scope for the software and service offering based on the cumulative experiences of SAP, enabling quick buy-in to the intended impact of the solution and expected deliverables involving the LOB leadership efficiently, right from project launch.
  • The solution is complete with pre-configuration and robust enablement content that follows the SAP Implementation Methodology, providing easy to follow step by step instructions, checklists, questionnaires, and guides to make teams more productive. What’s more, all this comes at a predetermined and transparent cost, eliminating cost and scope “creep” from the beginning, and delivering the project on time and on budget as planned.


The investment in SAP Rapid Deployment solutions is future-proofed because using SAP production software allows incremental progress toward the IT goal flexibly integrated into existing or additional SAP portfolio offerings that might be implemented later-upgrade to Business Suite 7, for example, or opt for additions of analytics or sustainability applications at a later time.


In short, SAP Rapid Deployment solutions provide teams with a combination of targeted, pre-configured software and innovative implementation accelerators at a predetermined price. One can make incremental progress toward business needs today with the flexibility to meet future needs at a low and predetermined total cost of ownership. These features and benefits make the IT team more capable even in these very constrained times, and enable them to meet the needs of the LOB leadership more quickly and flexibly than ever before.


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