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This blog entry explains how to modify a business rule flow using the Rules Manager (runtime) and NWDS (design time) in combination. It covers the creation of rules within the Rules Manager and their integration into the rule flow from NWDS. Using both, Rules Manager and NWDS, enables an efficient collaboration between the business and technical site of users what is realized by a simple deploy and download procedure.

This example relies on the Credit Card BRM application available as download on the Netweaver BRM Homepage.



A credit card applicant has to be firstly evaluated to meet a decision which card he is permitted to obtain. The credit card selection in this example is restricted to a standard and gold card offering. To enhance the card offerings, rules for a platinum card are going to be integrated into the business rule flow.



Deployed project for credit card rules to support the approval for standard or gold cards against pre-determined conditions.























Defined rules and rule script for platinum card conditions.























1) Create rules for platinum card conditions within Rules Manager and upload changes


  • Creation of “Approve Platinum Card” rule

  • Creation of “Disapprove Platinum Card” rule


2) Download runtime version of credit card project from Rules Manager


  • Open the appropriate project in the Rule Composer and select “Download Runtime Version” by right clicking on Project Resource node.















  • Select portal server and target folder to save the project.
  • Enter a user name and password if required.
  • Navigate to the folder and unzip it. Copy the unzipped src file and paste it into the project in NWDS.




  • New rule structure after pasting of src file



3) Create new rule script and add it to the current rule flow in NWDS





  • Modification of rule flow


  • Build and deploy modified project.



  • Check the modified rule flow on Rules Manager.
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