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Today I came across more information about the new Mexico e-Invoicing requirements.  The information was found in a press release by a company SAP co-owns that provides global e-Invoicing services for SAP users.

In a press conference held on September 3, 2010, Mexico’s SAT announced new compliance laws for electronic invoicing which will take effect January 1, 2011; and the impact on business processes will be significant for companies that haven’t prepared in advance. Many companies are still adapting to the major changes that went into effect in 2009 requiring companies to either obtain invoice forms from the government or adopt an e-invoicing solution to replace traditional paper invoices.
The new compliance mandates being instituted next year in Mexico will:

• Take effect January 1, 2011
• Eliminate folio numbers which are replaced by digitally signing and archiving an invoice with a valid timbre number
• Require regulatory compliance checks with government certified organizations for both senders and receivers of invoices

• Invoices in excess of 2,000 pesos must be approved digitally
  1. Companies will be required to integrate with the SAT for invoice approvals in real time. 
  2. Outgoing invoices must be prepared in a specific XML format and authorized in advance as part of the logistics process before shipments can be delivered.
  3. Incoming invoices must be externally validated.
  4. Incoming invoices must be archived and stored.

SAP e-Invoicing expert, Scott Lewin warns, “With these new regulations, the government will be intimately involved in every step of the shipping process.   Traditional invoicing processes will not be able to support the real-time interactions between a company’s IT systems and the SAT.”

Supporting all of the various requirements and changes that countries are mandating around the world is becoming increasingly difficult.  It seems there either needs to be internal e-Invoicing experts, consultants or specialized e-Invoicing service providers involved at all times.

The four requirements listed above are worth investigating in more detail to learn how much effort is going to be required in order to support them.

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  1. Krish Gopalan
    Hi Kevin,
    We are implementing digital mexico invoice and were following the different OSS notes. As per the Scope document in  FAQ note 1280467, SAP does not provide support for this requirements.

    Do you know of anyone who implemented the latest requirements? Do we have to make changes on our own to implement this?


  2. Former Member Post author
    Sorry, I don’t know the answer.  However, you may want to ask SAP about their product, SAP Information Interchange.  It is a hosted service that supports that requirement.
    1. Krish Gopalan
      Hi Kevin,
      Thank you for responding quickly to my query…

      I am tyring to confirm this requirement, before raising an OSS message.

      I had seen this requirement on crossgate, but not anywhere else. With no knowledge of spanish and using google translator, I was finding it difficult to find out where this requirement is specified. Please do let me know if you have any other link that confirms this requirement.

      I will also check with department back in mexico to see if they are familiar with this requirement.


      1. Former Member Post author
        I can provide contact information for some of the e-invoicing experts working on Mexico’s e-invoicing if that would be useful.

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