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Business Function Switches for Erecruitment Module Ehp4

This Blog would guide the customer to activate which Business Functions, Like if the customer wants to go for ECC and Erec server on the single instance or whether erec would be on standalone server.Also which Business functions needs to be activated for using search functions. 

 Business Function Activation  With the Business Functions, SAP provides new features and enhancements in self-contained units for existing SAP installations. This enables to use specific new features and enhancements for various business processes.From a technical view, the Business Functions consist of individual switches that can be used to activate coding strings, menu entries, and Customizing activities in the Implementation Guide (IMG). For more technical information about the business functions and transaction SFW5. Below list of business functions have been activated for E-Recruitment EHP4.

1.ERP_ENTERPRISESEARCH– This business function is used to implement a faster and safer search function for business objects in SAP ERP. This search function supports both a full text search and a fuzzy search, and, by means of the authorization concept, ensures that only authorized persons have access to your data.

2.HCM_ERC_CI_1- This business function is used to make the process of recruiting and hiring applicants more efficient and to increase user satisfaction for users working with SAP E-Recruiting. To do this, the business function contains numerous enhancements of the features for various user roles within SAP E-Recruiting.

3.HCM_ERC_CI_2- This business function is used to make the process of recruiting and hiring suitable applicants more efficient and make it much easier to work with SAP E-Recruiting. The business function has the following advantages:

  • It provides company’s recruiters and recruiting administrators with intuitive user interfaces for completing their tasks.
  • The business function’s user-friendly services support the recruitment process in company, for example, with regard to identifying the most suitable candidates for the vacant jobs.
  • It replaces the previous Business Server Pages (BSP) interfaces with interfaces in Web Dynpro ABAP, the standard interface technology for SAP’s Web-based applications. This enables to use the functions provided by SAP NetWeaver such as personalization of UI elements, configuration of the UI using a configuration wizard, and the modification-free enhancement concept.

4.HCM_ERC_CI_3– This business function is used to make the process of recruiting and hiring suitable applicants more efficient and to make it easier to work with SAP E-Recruiting. The business function has the following advantages:

  • Functional enhancements of Applicant Tracking that support recruiters in their daily work
  • Functional enhancements of Talent Relationship Management (TRM), in particular through improved access to talent groups and simplified creation of TRM activities for one or more candidates
  • New worklists (queries in the dashboard) that recruiters can use as additional entry points in their daily work
  • New Restricted Recruiter authorization role
  • Workflow for approving the release of requisitions
  • Improvements in the search performance through changes to the indexing of data and functional enhancements of the search
  • Lead Recruiter indicator in support groups that are relevant for Manager Involvement in SAP E-Recruiting. In this way, requisitions created from managers’ requisition requests can be initially processed by a recruiter from the support team.

5.HCM_ERC_SES_1- This business function is used to enhance the search applications in SAP E-Recruiting and thus to obtain more precise search results. The new functions enable the recruiter and the succession planner to identify candidates with the required characteristics more efficiently in the Talent Pool. In this way,  vacant jobs can be filled with suitable candidates more quickly or find successors for key positions. Candidates also benefit as they can find interesting employment opportunities more quickly and precisely. Via the new search functions, users can use additional operators in search queries and can display an improved and more flexible result list.Once the business function is activated, SAP E-Recruiting uses the search Engine Services (SES) as the interface to the search engine. Changing the previous interface over to SES improves the performance of the search and increases the stability.

6.HCM_MSS_ERC_CI_1- This business function is used to implement the Recruiting work center in Manager Self-Service (MSS).Hiring managers can use the central point of access, using just one application, to quickly and easily access the most important information and manager tasks in the recruitment process.The following options are available through this business function in MSS:

  • Create requisition requests (requisition = manager’s or recruiter’s request to fill a job)
  • Determine a substitute for the recruitment process for planned or unplanned absences
  • Actively participate in the decision process for new hires (for example, feedback through assessments and questionnaires) via the direct connection to SAP E-Recruiting

7.HCM_TMC_CI_1- This business function is used to perform the core processes for Talent Management such as Succession Planning or talent development for enterprise. The business function has the following advantages:

  • It provides the employees and managers, as well as talent management specialists in the personnel department of your enterprise with user-friendly user interfaces for entering and editing all relevant information. The user interfaces are specifically designed for occasional users and offer them services that can be used intuitively.
  • The business function gets current talent data from various processes, saves it consistently to one place, and provides it where it is required for Talent Management.
  • It supports the decision-making processes in your enterprise with regard to identifying the most valuable talents or possible successors for the positions that must not remain vacant.
  • It offers close integration with Performance Management. This ensures a consistent appraisal process that enables transparency of the performance and potential of employees throughout your enterprise.
  • If you purchase a license for SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa 2.0 integration with this product provides the users with a simple, graphical, and organizational-structures-oriented option for displaying and editing information for Succession Planning and the job architecture.

8.HCM_TM_ANALYTICS_1- This business function is used to provide talent development specialists with additional reports to give them an overview of key positions and their staffing with successors from the company’s Talent Pool. 

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