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Currently the organizations are in constant changes, that changes require greater capacity of reaction through an agile implantation and monitoring of the business processes. This session explain the benefits of SAP BPM through a prototype of real business process with a complete set of rules, events and process scorecards.

The PMC 122 will be held in the SAP Teched in Berlin the 13th of October at 12:15, don’t forget attend. 


  • With the objective of Increase the capacity of reaction in a context of business changes, Unisys with the support of SAP Spain has developed a prototype based on a real use case widely used .
  • In this Practice Case we pretend to illustrate, from a technical point of view, the practical implementation of SAP BPM/BRM, its integration with a wide range of systems and technologies and the relevance of the on-line process monitorization.
  • The prototype development is framed in a Enterprise Architecture methodology based on an strategic map.
  • The implementation of this solution is framed within the defined SAP technological architecture, service oriented and based on open standards.
    Finally, we pretend to show the practical benefits of SAP BPM translated in real results obtained in the prototype.

Aligment Between Business IT



Layered Architecture


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