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Interested in what the future of the BEx Analyzer is? Read on…

If you are interested in learning more, I recommend attending the launch of the ASUG Advanced Analysis Influence Council at TechED.  Also, you could pre-order the great Ingo Hilgefort’s book Inside SAP Business Objects Advanced Analysis Edition for Microsoft Office.  If you pre-order before the release in October, you receive a 10% discount.

It was a great honor that Ingo asked several of us ASUG volunteers to read and provide feedback on his book.   If there was something I didn’t understand, Ingo accepted my input and  updated the book.  If there was a slide that I couldn’t read or make  sense of, he updated it as well


The target audience of the book is for those who know BW; knowing BusinessObjects is not a prerequisite.  In reading the book, I took that approach and Ingo readily accepted my questions, feedback, and explanation of BusinessObjects terms.

After reading this book, I felt I knew more about the future of BEx Analyzer, and what Advanced Analysis has to offer and some of the constraints.  He reviews the planned BI Roadmap, explains what the toolsets are, and what the use cases are for Advanced Analysis.  Additionally, Ingo reviews detailed step-by-step installation steps, and how to develop and run Advanced Analysis reports.  


This is Ingo’s 4th SAP Press book, and I have to say the quality of the pictures in this book are the best I have seen.  He explains where Advanced Analysis fulfills and in some cases does not meet the requirements.


Some of my fellow ASUG volunteers have felt that Ingo “never sleeps” – he provides a great deal of information, insight and time to both SCN and ASUG.  Therefore, it was good to know he is now holding an AskIngo initiative, to benefit charity.  I participated in AskIngo, and within hours of sending in my specific questions I received a detailed response.  AskIngo is running through September 30th.



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