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The Social Customer Engagement Index

Are you involved in a project to figure out how to add social media into your customer service operations?  Wonder if you are doing it right?

The Social Customer, an online community that focuses on customer service and social media, has just released a white paper titled The Social Customer Engagement Index by Brent Leary.  This white paper presents the results, analysis and discussion, of a survey conducted in June 2010 on how companies are using social technologies to support their customers. 

Below are some excerpts from the paper:

“As you will see in the survey results section of this paper, The Social Customer community members are actively using multiple social tools and strategies to communicate with their customers. A review of the study data reveals some interesting patterns that can help you transform your company’s efforts to integrate social and traditional methods of communication into a win-win for you and your customers.”

“Of the 118 respondents, 61 percent (72) said efforts so far have had a positive impact, 36 percent (42) reported no noticeable impact, and only 3 percent (4) reported a negative impact.”

Length of Company’s Involvement in Customer Service Engagement via Social Channels.


To download the paper, please use this link

For tracking purpose, you will have to register before being given access to the paper.

And while you are there, check out the community.  Perhaps you have a perspective on this topic.

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  • Brent Leary at CRM Essentials did a nice job analyzing the statistics and writing clearly about the results in this white paper. One result that intrigued me was the spending habits of companies on social media: 72% have invested less than $50,000, which is telling about where social media ranks on the totem pole. Granted, a lot of social media’s beauty is that a lot can be done with it relatively inexpensively.
  • I too think this survey provides some compelling results. Its a great start to get orgs. thinking about their long term approach and startegy on the topic. Thanks for putting this out there.