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Situational Mobility at Demo Jam in Berlin

Anybody still remember the PalmPilot? How you used “Graffiti” to enter text?


The PalmPilot was my first electronic PIM and it addressed a specific need I had at the time. When I was away from my desktop PC I used to print out monthly calendar views that I would then scribble any changes on. I used to update my PC in the evening before printing out a new calendar sheet. The PalmPilot allowed me to directly update my calendar as I agreed appointments thus freeing up my evenings.

Situational Mobility

A couple of technology iterations later, widely available and affordable mobile broadband, more powerful hardware, a GPS antenna, a step-change in usability and a thriving mobile application developer community allows me to do more and more of my day to day activities on my current mobile companion. The principle though remains the same: mobile applications still add the biggest value whenever they are designed to support us directly in the situation. We can make better informed decisions; we can get stuff done straight away … and move on.

Right here, right now!

In the business world, early adopters used mobile applications to bring these qualities to field service, asset management, manufacturing or point of delivery processes. With today’s mobile technology many other areas of our work life can benefit from more up to date information or from getting things done right here, right now.

See more at Demo Jam 2010 in Berlin

If you are as excited as me about how mobility transforms the way we work, please come and support us at SAP TechEd Demo Jam in Berlin. We will demonstrate a mobile application prototype that will allow us to optimize our operational processes and helps our consultants to be more effective.

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