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The Student Dashboard Club on University Alliances Community is a pilot program and was formally launched today. A few selected schools in North America and China are particpating. The purpose of this club is for university students to ‘learn valuable data visualization skills for an academic and professional edge.’ As students we will be teamed with mentors where we will learn the ins and outs of SAP Crystal Presentation Design Dashboarding software. This club provides us with a platform for us to devlop and share our expertise.

This program is indeed a great initiative of the University Alliances Community. I believe that this program can not only assist us as student gain a competitive advantage, but also assist in spreading the word of this powerful product. As a Statistican may times data is misinterpreted or presented in the wrong manner. SAP Crystal Presentation Design helps solve this problem, and makes decision making easier. 

One concern that I have is that this product and many others in the SAP suite of software isn’t offered on MacOSX. I believe that this is something that needs to be looked into. Many people are moving towards Apple, and may tend to move to software that is more compatabile rather than using either BootCamp or Parallels. 

 Once more information is posted about the Club and further documentation is posted, I will post to the blog. At the moment it is limited to a small number of schools, but the aim is to make it worldwide within the next couple of months, and eventually into a Student’s Business Intelligence Group. 

For anyone who is interested in learning, SAP Crystal Design Presentation is avilable for download (until December 31, 2010). The following link will direct you to the download

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  1. Tammy Powlas
    It’s a great initiative.

    Coming from a Business Warehouse background it would be great to have more clubs around such topics as BI strategy, modeling, extraction transformation & loading, Crystal Reports design – but not all around the software, what about ways to gather requirements quickly?

    Looking forward to more posts from you,

  2. Marilyn Pratt
    and welcome to you Cherise here as a blogger.  Getting student feedback and giving students hands on experience sounds like a very sound idea.
    Exposure to a professional environment as a prequel to work experience is another win, but from the community perspective to have input from university students is also important.  Keep blogging!

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