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ZDOAP – Download Application


To make security copies of my developments or transfer developments between systems i use SAPLink, but during all this time i’ve missed a serie of things that i want to describe you:

  •     When you download a program SAPLink doesn’t download the includes of this program.
  • When you download the dictionary tables are missing their data elements. The same for data elements, help for search, etc. When we want to make a backup of a lot of dictonary objects or programs with a lot of includes we have to review each object for not forget anything.
  • If we download an object several times SAPLink doesn’t delete these from the file, just is adding at the end of this file.

 All these thing have led me to work in one development, that with SAPLink, allow me:

  •     Group the objects in “applications” to can download it all the times that we want.
  • Include automaticly subobjects of programs and dictionary.
  • Easily expandable in the future.

The result is ZDOAP or “Download Application” (I will be honest, it’s not so original). What ZDOAP allow:

  •     We can parametrize, at user levela nivel, which subobjects we want to include. If we mark the options of dictionary subojects we can download a type of table and download the table of data elements, domains and helps for search at the same time as well.
  • When it finish an import of data, if it is parametrized, SAPLink will show a window to can activate the objects.
  • We can add objects to perform whenever we want to do the export.
  • Allow export/import/delete objects of a single way or per type (all the domains, class, etc.). In fact, we just select a folder and the objects bellow will include in the option indicated.
  • It’s a intuitive program. We create an “application”, we indicate the folder where it will be the nugg and we alread can start to include objects.


The requirements to use ZDOAP is:

  • to have installed the SAPLink before. We advise to have all the plugins available as well, since they, it will depend that you can to include more o less objects.
  • Plug-ins needed for the installation: CLAS, PROG, TABL, TTYP, TYPE, MSAG, DOMA, DTEL and SHLP.

You can get ZDOAP from this website: It’s a file NUGG that you have to upload with SAPLink. The name of the program to execute is ZDOAP_MAIN.

ZDOAP is compatible with Netweaver 7.0 (2004s) and with ECC6.0.

The natural evolution of this program is to connect it directly to subversion. My idea, is to upload single objects and not like a group as it does now.


Program Snapshots.


 User parametrization


Screen with an application and their objects:

 main screen

Screen of objects activation:

Activation screen

Screen to add object:

Add object screen

I hope you find it as useful as being for me.


Regards 😉

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  • Hi,

    This tool is surely helpful to many.
    Have you checked SAP standard program – REPTRAN.
    It does almost the same.

    Now we should start thinking on making a tool that will upload all the program components in any Development client…. Sounds interesting isn’t it…


    • Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

      The program ZREPTRAN not know him. Looks interesting.

      And about your idea ….. oh yes, sounds interesting 🙂

      Best regards

    • REPTRAN allows only to download (Report and modul pool transporter).

      Using SAPlink it is also possible to upload the files and to extract more different objects like classes or tables.