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Want to know About time out?

We always find our self resolving various HTTP error codes. Few of them are due to timeout occurred during sending/processing/ establishing connection or queue processing.In this blog I have tried to unleash the various aspects of time out. Types of Time out: *HTTP Timeout:  *

Before I go into HTTP time out, I would like to highlight client and server role of ICM that manages HTTP connections and acts as a place where we can do settings for timeout parameters.


*Client and server roles of the ICM:*

ICM plays dual role of Server and client. When ICM forwards incoming HTTP connections to the SAP Web Application for processing it serves as a HTTP server (for e.g*. *calling message mapping from ABAP stack). The ICM can also forward outgoing HTTP connections from the SAP Web Application Server to other HTTP servers. The ICM then serves as the HTTP client.


*Available parameters that control ICM timeouts*

  • icm/conn_timeout (defines the connection timeout)
  • icm/keep_alive_timeout (defines the keepalive timeout)
  • icm/server_port_< n > (defines the processing timeout)


*Processing timeout**  *By Default: If +PROCTIMEOUT +and +TIMEOUT +are not set ->+icm/keep_alive_timeout +is used. The processing timeout is set for individual services using the following parameter: icm/server_port_ < n > = …,PROCTIMEOUT=< s >. imageimage

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