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How to enhance CRM specific DataSource (0CRM_SALES_ORDER_I)

There are a lot  of topics on DataSource enhancement, all about R/3, generic DataSource, or table/view. Once I have to enhance the CRM order item DataSource, I dig a while.  I can explain the theory by the following diagram.



We have enhanced  the table CRMD_ORDERADM_I.



First,  enhance the extract structure in RSA6.

Then, go to BWA1, add a line in Mapping.




Now we need to implement it.


*      Define internal table for the extract structure.

*      The type of the Structure is visible in transaction RSA6.

*      Also the enhancement of the extract structure will be done

*      with transaction rsa6.

* This datasource structure.


*      define structure for data import.(sbdm)





* copy data from extract structure to internal table.
      LT_DATA[] = CT_DATA[].


* Get the XIF documents.

* Call the callback function.








  append lines of LS1_DOCUMENTS_XIF-item to lt_item.


** Get the data in the internal table for the partners


        Loop at lt_item INTO LS_DOCUMENTS_XIF

modify Lt_data from wa_data transporting ZMENGE.



      CT_DATA = LT_DATA[].

    when others.


Just notice that

LT_DOCUMENTS_XIF  is type of structure CRMXIF_BT_SALES_T. 
OK. Then replicate the DataSource to BW and modify the InfoProvider, InfoSource and other objects necessary. 
 and load the data.
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