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Tech-Ed Las Vegas 2010 – RIG Architect 1:1’s – Let’s talk you.


SAP Tech-Ed 2010 Las Vegas offers an opportunity to sit 1 on 1 with colleagues of the SAP Technology RIG and discuss architecture and implementation issues.  Lectures and hands-on sessions offer great insight into future direction and features. But don’t just be another number.  Come and speak with our experts on various SAP NetWeaver topics.  Why chase experts on different pods and sessions when you can have cross topic knowledge in one place.  Make a booking today!



  • 1 Hr sessions each day
  • 30 min blocks available per customer
  • Discuss SAP NetWeaver topics specific to your organization
  • Follow up sessions as requested
  • Copies of all RIG content:  How to guides expert calls etc. 
  • Plug into other subject matter experts as required.
  • Come and have a chat! 


Locations & Dates:

All sessions will be held in a Tech-Ed Expert Lounge which allows for open discussion.

  • Tuesday : 19.10.2010 : 1pm-2pm : Lounge 4
  • Wednesday : 20.10.2010 : 1pm-2pm : Lounge 5
  • Thursday : 21.10.2010 : 11am-12pm : Lounge 5


Sample Topics:

Whilst we have access to experts across all topics the below list highlights sample cross topic/product knowledge areas.

  • System Landscapes & Lifecycle Management
  • User Interfaces
  • SOA
  • BPM
  • PI
  • MDM
  • Analytics (BI/BOBJ)
  • Search
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing (BW)
  • Custom Development
  • Security & Identity Management



The SAP Technology RIG has a number of subject matter experts which are privileged to work on real customer issues but also enjoy a close relationship with product management, solution management and development.  We are responsible for creation and delivery of Tech-Ed sessions including lectures and hands-on.  We know the new stuff whilst understanding where you are at now.  I.e. real world and not just PowerPoints.  Below are a few experts and their respective details:

We will be supported by many other RIG employees throughout the event so if you would like us to reach out to your favourites just ask.


What you need to do:

Just make a booking by emailing:

All Enquiries welcome! See you in Las Vegas.

Twitter –  #saprig – #saprigarch


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  • Hi Andrew. Sounds interesting, but I did not get the format of these sessions – are they 1:1 or many:many at the same time? are they open or by booking (by sending you e-mail) only? are they only for SAP customers or for all TechEd participants?


    • Hi Vitaly,

      Thanks for the question. 

      1. 1:1 with the exception where you need other RIG colleagues from other topic areas to join your discussion.  The idea is to have a close dialogue with you instead of lecturing (many:many / 1:many) as with other sessions.  We want to assist with issues you have regarding architecture etc across subject areas. If you need additional topic then we will organize the appropriate resource to collaborate.  Of course this is subject to availability but we have great coverage over the three days.

      2. Customers v Partners v Others – We are happy to talk to anyone over these sessions so feel free.  We aim to have a good representation across each type.  At this stage it is on a first come first served basis. 

      3. Booking v Walk-up – At this stage we recommend booking a spot via emailing myself.  We still encourage walk-up visits as to improve relationships however we need visibility to assist with planning.  Booking guarantees a spot and appropriate attention.  If you are to walk-up and we are at capactiy we will organize another time slot if available.  If we are not utilized fully via bookings we can handle additional adhoc engagements.  Booking helps us with planning. etc.

      I hope that answers some of you questions.  Please email if interested and indicate required topic coverage.  I.e BI/BO or PI/SOA etc etc.

  • They say there is no stupid questions.  I answered my question, but here it is in case anyone else is wondering.

    RIG stands for Regional Implementation Group.  

    I found this – easily – by reading the teched bios.   But since I was wondering, and didn’t want to look “stupid”.  Maybe I can help someone else out.

    See you!