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Paste Special Button in Table Control

While searching in forum I got many threads about the copy paste functionality in table control. Like if I want to copy 10 lines from excel sheet to table control having only 5 visible lines then it will only past the first 5 lines not all 10.   I tried to search out the solution but didn’t get any proper way to overcome this issue, so I decided to work on it now I have got the solution and wanted to share with all of you my friends.     Download *.nugg* file using link below and install this to your system using SAPLink  (  SAPLink Package of Application  (     After installing active  *1. ZFSL_PASTE_FOR_TABLE_CONTROL* Main Program  *2. 9001* Screen  *3. MAIN_PF_STATUS* PF-STATUS  *4. MAIN_TITLE* TITLEBAR        After activating all above objects you can start the test using the program name *ZFSL_PASTE_FOR_TABLE_CONTROL* directly or T-Code *ZPSTC*. Following will be the initial screen.   image  As you can see in the above Screenshot there are 5 visible rows of table control now I am going to copy 10 rows from an excel file as shown below if I will paste normally it will paste only first 5 rows but when I will use the Paste Special Button it will past all the 10 lines to table control.   imageCopy 10 rows from Excel and then place curser in cell of the table control from where you want to start can see the Result below.   It is the Starting position of the paste. I used Past Special for 5 times to get the following result courser position was    1st Colum 1st Row  2nd Colum 2nd Row  3rd Colum 3rd Row  4th Colum 4th Row  5th Colum 5th Row   image   Here is the ending which you can see by scrolling down, all 10 rows from excel have copied to table control.  image   You can use the following Past Special button or Short Cut showing in the screenshot below.  image
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