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MDM Expressions: Use of Callable Function in Search Capabilities (Part 1)

Around the corner, we have this property available in Validations tab of MDM Data Manager while defining validation. As the name suggests “Callable”, it is reusable Function which can be used in validation, assignments and more.

Callable Function: Whenever you set this Property Callable = Yes for any validation as shown in below screen-shot. You can then call this Function in validations/Assignments.



Now this Callable Function would be available in the drop-down list of functions as shown in below screen-shot.



Now everyone is wondering is this the only information I wanted to share with all of you. Obviously No, I wanted to tell everyone irrespective of using this callable Function for validations and assignments, there are other things too which you can do like Searching.


Multiple Searches : Sometimes there is requirement for filtering records with multiple search criteria’s. This is quite a good capability of searching multiple criteria’s using Callable Function without too much headache.

E.g. I want to syndicate or search a record with following criteria which has linked Taxonomy value as “Bottle” and this Bottle is linked with two Attributes color and Material Type. I want to search this record “Lexan ID 300” which has Attribute color has values RED; BLUE; YELLOW and Material Type has values as PVC;Copper as shown in below screen-shot.



This is not at all possible using Drill down search or using Free form search as it is multivalue search with AND operator but is quite possible using Callable Functions. This is just an example, you can also do lot of other stuffs using Callable Functions.


MDM Expressions: Use of Callable Function in Search Capabilities (Part 2)

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